Small Vortex (Aion Object)  

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Object Info
Type Harvestable (Aether)
Zone(s) Poeta, Verteron, Ishalgen, Altgard, Eltnen, Morheim
Location(s) See Small Vortex Harvesting Places
Skill Aethertapping (1 to 75p)
Resources Aether Powder (100%)
See also: Harvestables
Other Resources: PowerWikiArmoryAiondbGoogle

Pathfinding cannot be used to locate resource nodes. Gathering Hats can be used to mark resource nodes near you on the minimap.

These come in 1p, 25p, 50p and 75p sizes. For obvious reasons, Vortices are only found in areas where Flight is permitted.

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In all of Verteron Citadel, there is a single spawn of the 1p node; on the north side from the crown of the Citadel, and higher, a single 25p node, directly west and above the tips of the spires of the crown.

Outside the Citadel, in Verteron Swamp you will find at least six 1p nodes, and most are at a safe altitude (you won't die if you fall). If the crown was the center of a clock, with 12 o'clock to the north, there are 1p nodes just outside the walls at 8:30 (very low), 12:30, 4:00 (very low), 5:00 6:00 (very low) and 8:00 (high, near the canyon wall). There are no 25p nodes outside the Citadel walls.

Once you reach 25p, you can stay at Verteron Citadel but there is only one node. The best place is Ardus Shrine in Miraju's Holy Ground, where there are 25p and 50p nodes in profusion, and even at least one 75p node. 75p nodes can also be found at Eltnen Fortress in Eltnen.


You will find at least one 75p node at Eltnen Fortress. Once you reach 100p it is time to move up to Big Vortex.



In Altgard Fortress there are several 1p vortices above the Altgard Dungeon Entrance behind and above the Brigade headquarters building, as well as at least one 25p Vortex and one 50p Vortex.

Safe landing
Safe landing
25p to 75p Vortices can be found in the skies of Impetusium, including a 25p on the west side that is so close to the upper deck you can almost touch it. There is a floating "platform" between the two 50p nodes. Although it looks like you would fall the area of the floating pebbles around the boulder are treated as a single solid object.

There are twp 75p nodes on the north side above the upper deck, but beware! You cannot land atop the very top wall, as it is outside the aether-rich area. This makes for some very long travel times to the nodes on each try.


At Morheim Ice Fortress there are numerous low-flying 75p nodes over the ice lake. Once you reach 100p it is time to move up to Big Vortex.

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