Aethertapping (Aion)  

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Collection Collection 1-49
Essencetapping 1-50 55-100 105-150 155-200 205-250 255-300 305-350 355-400 405-450 455-499
Aethertapping Aethertapping 1-499

Skill: Aethertapping: 1-390
Level ObjectTypeResourceZonesLocationsHarvesting Quests
1-75 Small Vortex Aether Aether Powder Altgard, Verteron, Morheim, Eltnen 1p25p50p75p
100-175 Big Vortex Aether Aether Crystal, Greater Aether Crystal Altgard, Verteron, Morheim, Eltnen, Reshanta 100p125p150p175p
200-275 Shining Vortex Aether Aether Gem, Greater Aether Gem, Pure Aether Gem, Essence of Wind Morheim, Eltnen, Beluslan, Heiron, Reshanta 200p225p250p275p Gems From the Vortex
Aether Gems
300-375 Burning Vortex Aether Aether, Greater Aether, Pure Aether, Essence of Wind, Brilliant Aether, Dazzling Aether, Luminous Aether Morheim, Eltnen, Beluslan, Heiron, Reshanta 300p325p350p375p Gem of an Idea
Om-Nom Aether
Passing Stones

NOTE: From experience, the higher level nodes in an area are generally at a higher altitude (for instance in Altgard, 1p nodes are around the first wall, 25p up around the struts, and 50p around the floating rock)

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