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Type Material Item

Used in Crafting and Morphing.

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Aether comes in many different forms and qualities, but are all harvested from Vortices using Aethertapping.

Patch 1.9 introduced Material Merchants that have a limited quantity of Aether available to help you in your crafting. Also, all grades of Aether above Common are now Bundle Material Item. This means you can break the higher grade Aethers into 3 Aethers of the next lower grade.

Material Merchants
LocationNPC NameLocationNPC Name
SanctumTacitus (PW/AA)PandaemoniumBaleyg (PW/AA)
Eltnen Fortress in EltnenHegemon (PW/AA)Morheim Ice Fortress in MorheimBiflindi (PW/AA)
Agairon Village in EltnenRocos (PW/AA)Alsig Village in MorheimHjalmberi (PW/AA)
Meniherk Excavation Camp in TheobomosKairos (PW/AA)Settlers Campsite in BrusthoninHelblindi (PW/AA)
New Heiron Gate in HeironCabeiri (PW/AA)Beluslan Fortress in BeluslanGoen (PW/AA)
Arbolu's Haven in HeironQuirinus (PW/AA)Red Mane Cavern in BeluslanHarbarth
Jeiaparan Village in HeironIlisos (PW/AA)Besfer Refugee Camp in BeluslanSangetal

Skill: Aethertapping: 1-450
Level ObjectTypeResourceZonesLocationsHarvesting Quests
1-75 Small Vortex Aether Aether Powder Altgard, Verteron, Morheim, Eltnen 1p25p50p75p
100-175 Big Vortex Aether Aether Crystal, High-Grade Aether Crystal Altgard, Verteron, Morheim, Eltnen, Reshanta 100p125p150p175p
200-275 Shining Vortex Aether Aether Gem, Greater Aether Gem, Pure Aether Gem, Essence of Wind Morheim, Eltnen, Beluslan, Heiron, Reshanta 200p225p250p275p
300-375 Burning Vortex Aether Aether, Greater Aether, Pure Aether, Essence of Wind, Brilliant Aether Morheim, Eltnen, Beluslan, Heiron, Reshanta 300p325p350p375p
400-450 Magical Vortex Aether Magical Aether (PW/AA), Greater Magical Aether (PW/AA), Pure Magical Aether (PW/AA), Essence of Wind, Brilliant Magical Aether (PW/AA) Inggison 400p425p450p

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