Eltnen (Aion Zone)  

Type Public Outdoor
Sphere Elysea
Level Range 19-35
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Map of Eltnen

You can view a video, "Eltnen HD Zone Tour", at YouTube.


General Telemachus, the commander of Eltnen Fortress, has many worries claiming his attention, these days.

The Elim of Eltnen, led by Lodas, are fighting a losing battle with the desert, as each season sees more desert, and fewer Elim. The Daeva are doing what they can to help, but Gaia and Phomona can certainly use some help.

The Manduri, in the only forest remaining in the region, Manduri Forest, have become violent and destructive recently, stealing from the Fortress residents. It is only a matter of time before someone gets hurt. Additionally, they have been polluting the Mystic Spring in the forest near their village. This endangers not only the fortress residents, if the pollution should spread, but the Elim as well. Beyond this, there is something disturbing about the Manduri, these animals that, sometimes, seem almost Human in their habits and behavior. What is the secret they guard so closely?

Kerubians have moved into the area of the Putrid Mire, and their activities are certainly not helping things. The Elim are increasingly upset by the destruction these pint-sized creatures are causing.

Kimela, the Protector of Divinity that guards the still-beating heart of the long-dead Balaur, Sataloca, has specifically requested that you speak with her.

Since before the Epic Cataclysm, the temple complex now known simply as the Ancient Relic Site has been home to an ancient Artifact, but recent unexplained occurrences have the Sentinels there worried that something may be wrong.

The Mystic Spring of Anathe, one of the few sources of drinkable water remaining in the region, has been taken over by a paramilitary group that you may have had dealings with before... the Lephar Revolutionairies. There may also be a Lepharist base in the mountains in the southeast.

The enormous cavern known as the Eracus Underground Temple has many secrets, but is not likely to give up it's secrets easily, nor do the vicious creatures there make exploration safe. Anyone wishing access to the Temple must first be approved by Commander Trillian at Golden Bough Legion Garrison.

Very disturbing is the recent volcanic activity that has formed the Geroch Volcanic Region.

And as if all of this was not enough to give a General headaches, raiding parties of Asmodians continue to strike into the heartland of Eltnen from the Rifts that appear with increasing frequency.

Standard Quests

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This zone has rifts to and from Morheim.

Entrances (to Morheim)
Entrances (to Morheim)
Exits (in Morheim)
Exits (in Morheim)
LetterMax usesMax LevelFrom (Eltnen)To (Morheim)
A12<28Eltnen FortressMorheim Snow Field
B20<32Ruberein WastesSalintus Desert
C35<36Mystic Spring of AgaironSalintus Rise
D35<37Western Eracus DesertArkani Sky Temple
E45<40Kyola TempleThe Crash Site
F50<40Kuriullu MountainHalabana Hot Springs
G50<45Kaidan HeadquartersMist Mane Village
The above information and maps are originally from the Korean version of PowerWiki.

Named Monsters

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: How do so many Asmodians get inside Eltnen Fortress?
    A: There is an Asmodian quest, in Morheim, that teleports the "victim" to Eltnen, to the very top of the mountain between Eltnen Fortress and Manduri Forest (marked "Quest Rift" in red on the map, above). From that height and position, they can fly down to nearly any point in the entire northeast quadrant of Eltnen.
  2. Q: Where is the waterfall?
    A: In the north of the Putrid Mire. If you ever fly to Golden Bough Garrison, the flight takes you up and over the waterfall.
  3. Q: How do I get access to Eracus Temple Cavern? At what level can I start the access quest?
    A: To gain access to the caverns, you must complete Killing for Castor (30, min. 28), from Tellarius at Golden Bough Garrison.
  4. Q: How do I get access to Fire Temple?
    A: Hunt Raging Obscuras and/or Chaotic Temptresses until you get the key.

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