Eracus Temple Cavern (Aion Place)  

Eracus Temple Cavern
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LocationEltnen / Eracus Desert
ResourcesBig Vortex 175p, Shining Vortex 200p, Shining Vortex 225p, Shining Vortex 250p, Shining Vortex 275p
ConnectionsEracus Desert, Western Eracus Desert
Flight?Free-flight and gliding are allowed here.
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Rifts form here.

This Place is commonly abbreviated in chat as: ET/ETC

To find this Place in-game, use /where Eracus Temple Cavern

This Place is a quest hub in the Eltnen Quest Series.


You are not allowed to enter this area until you have secured the permission of Trillian, commander of the Golden Bough Legion Garrison, by completing Killing for Castor (30, min 28).

In the south and north a quarter each of the original Aetheric Glass ceiling is still in tact. The southern roof has soloable 2 and 4-dot Fangwings on it, and the northern part has soloable 2 and 4 dot Gargoyles and Temptresses.

There are six platforms at varying heights. The central platform is on a pillar that runs all the way to the ground, but the other five are suspended on Aether. Each platform has a different group of mobs. If we number the platform closest to the door as 1, then go clockwise to 5, with the center as 6, we get the following mob distributions.

  1. Eracus Gargoyles
  2. Skyrays and Oculazens
  3. Draft Spirits, Sandstorm Spirits and Strong Sandstorm Spirits,
  4. Temptresses
  5. Blade Fangwings
  6. Blade Fangwings, Ruthless Ancient Bloodwings, Seductive Temptresses and Twister Spirits (Named Mob: Mistryl)

A little bit of everything is on the ground, some normal and some Elite. This is also where you will find the Blackclaw Fangwings.

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