Golden Bough Garrison (Aion Place)  

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Golden Bough Garrison
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LocationEltnen / Western Eracus Desert
ConnectionsWestern Eracus Desert
Flight?Gliding only.
Pad Location: 688.1, 431.5, 332.0
Flight to:

There is an Obelisk ( 667.3, 420.3, 332.4 ) where you can bind for 7,139 Kinah , and a Soul Healer is available.
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Golden Bough Garrison

The garrison of the Golden Bough Legion that came to investigate the Eracus Underground Temple. It is in the west of the Eracus Desert.

To find this Place in-game, use /where Golden Bough Garrison

This Place is a quest hub in the Eltnen Quest Series.


OOC The Golden Bough was a work by Sir James Frazier and is a fundamental text in the study of Primitive Religions. This may be the devs way of telling us that the temple will involve some basic, core religious or spiritual elements.

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