Obelisk (Aion)  

Binding, Death, and Rebirth in Aion.

There are only two unavoidable things in this world; Death, and taxes. —Samuel "Mark Twain" Clements

While that may be true for humans on Earth, at least one of these two things can be avoided by those that are, or will be, Daeva.

A Daeva succumbs to her wounds.
The inevitable conclusion to fighting too many mobs in too short a time without the right backup is death. But this is not the end. You can either wait for a Priest to resurrect you, or you can revive at the last Obelisk or Kisk where you bound your soul.

An Obelisk.
Throughout the world you will find Obelisks where you can bind your immortal soul and, if you die, you can revive at that location.

There are some consequences, however. You revive with 25% of your health (HP) and mana (MP), and lose all of your divine points (DP). Also, you will lose an amount of experience, most of which can be recovered and the rest will have to be earned anew.

There is a way to recover a portion of your XP loss. Standing next to every Obelisk is a Soul Healer who can, for a price, restore that portion of your soul that was damaged by your recent, untimely, demise. The rest of your lost XP is, however, gone.

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