Pathfinding (Aion Command)  

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This command will show you where a mob is located. Just type any of the following:

/pathfinding mob_name
/where mob_name
and, if that mob has a location in the system (not all mobs do) the map window will open and the mob's location will be marked with a purple "X". Hovering your mouse over the X should display the name of the NPC (in case you forget).

If the mob cannot be found in this way you will get a message, That NPC is in a hard-to-find location.

Using the "Locate" button in the Quest Journal Dictionary system functions exactly as if you had typed "/pathfinding mob_name".

If you are in one of the cities, Sanctum or Pandaemonium, a magical, sparkling birdie will appear to guide you to your destination.

The Pathfinding Birdie
The Pathfinding Birdie

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