Fire Temple (Aion Zone)  

Fire Temple
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A temple within the Sky Temple of Arkanis in Morheim.
Type Instanced
Party Group
Sphere Asmodae
Level Range 27+
Cooldown 30 minutes
Zone Connections
A door in the Sky Temple of Arkanis in Morheim or a portal in Kyola Temple in Eltnen.
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Map of Fire Temple

The name of this zone is commonly abbreviated in chat as FT.

Asmodians: The door to the Fire Temple is located on a ledge in the middle of a lavafall west and below the Water, Wind and Fire Chamber doors, at 1591.6, 973.8, 140.8 in Sky Temple of Arkanis. In order to gain access you must complete the Campaign quest, [Group] The Three Keys. The access quest series is no longer required.

Elyos: The Fire Temple entrance is a door in the basement of Kyola Temple in Eltnen, but the instance is actually located in Asmodae. Because of this, any quests that take you to the Fire Temple will be labeled Spy or Spy/Group. In order to enter the Fire Temple you must obtain a Fire Temple Key (PW/AA) and complete the quest it gives, The Fire Temple Key. The access quest series is no longer required. The key is dropped by Raging Obscuras and Chaotic Temptresss outside the Temple entrance at night and inside the basement. To get to the rift-entrance to the Fire Temple, enter the underground of Kyola Temple. Jump through the right-hand arch in the foyer, go through the arch on that side in the second room, cross the third room and turn left to the entrance in the fourth room.

The layout of the temple is exactly the same whether your group is Elyos or Asmodian. The instance is private, not public, so you will see none of the enemy.

This is just my general impressions, but I fail to see why so many don't like this zone. Very nice dungeon crawl. Good, steady killing with lots of targets and decent drops.

After patch 1.9, once players have killed Kromede the Corrupt and Vile Judge Kromede a new Heroic class "Judge" item series will be added to her loot table. We are unclear if every member of the party must have killed both versions or just anyone in the group to unlock the new loot. We suspect the later as we have seen some of the new loot, at least the blue weapons. The names all end with "of the Judge".





ZAM would like to thank littlecarpenter of MMOSite for the map.

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