The Three Keys (Aion Quest)  

Asmodian Campaign
Asmodian Only
Cannot be shared.
Cannot be abandoned.
Start Zone: Morheim
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This quest is unlocked when you reach level 27
Level 32 [Group] The Three Keys
  1. Talk with Anund.
  2. Meet Bulagan.
  3. Enter the Sky Temple of Arkanis through the Water Room.
  4. Find the Keys and return to Bulagan.
  5. Report the result to Gelkugin in Alsig Village.
 Basic Reward
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You must be at least Level 27 to open or receive this quest. See Asmodian 27 for more quests that can be started at this same level.

Quest Notes

This was the original series required to gain access to the Fire Temple for Asmodians, but it is no longer required.

Asmodian Campaign
Quest Series
A Captive Flame
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