Morheim Ice Fortress (Aion Place)  

Morheim Ice Fortress
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ResourcesBig Vortex 100p, Big Vortex 125p, Blicora, Small Vortex 75p
ConnectionsMorheim Snow Field
Flight?Free-flight and gliding are allowed here.
Pad Location: 310.1, 2271.3, 449.4
Teleportation to:

Flight to:

There is an Obelisk ( 269.1, 2338.8, 443.7 ) where you can bind for a fee, and a Soul Healer is available.
in front of the Nobelium (248.5, 2343.8, 445.1)
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Rifts form here.

To find this Place in-game, use /where Morheim Ice Fortress

This Place is a quest hub in the Morheim Quest Series.


Lets take a walk, from the Transportation Pad where you first arrive, clockwise around the Fortress.


The northernmost building, this is the big building with the ring of clouds around the top. The Obelisk and Mailbox stand in front of it. Inside you will find two NPCs with repeatable quests, plus a few other important NPCs.

  • Nott <Combat Administration Officer>
  • Bolverk <Protector of Divinity>
  • Herner <Stigma Master>
  • Vebna <Magic Administration Officer>

Brigade Headquarters

Northeast "corner" of the island, this is where Brigade General Aegir and his lieutenants, Vili and Nina, can be found.

"Swords and Boards"

Weapon and Armor merchants. Outside stands Mael, the Manastone Remover, and in a tent next door you will find Grall, the Warehouse Keeper.


The potions shop.


Just look for the two huge statues of Shugo holding money bags on the front corners of the roof.

General Store

General Goods Merchant


Otis is the grocer, here, but rumors say he has also been dabbling in odd potions.

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