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General Crafting Information

You can begin crafting as soon as you awaken by using your Collection skill. You will be given the skill automatically and when you pick your first plant, you will get a tool tip and instruction video that helps to explain the collecting skill. Every player receives Collection when you awaken, and you will receive the other 2 Rank I harvesting skills, plus Morph Substances, automatically when you reach level 10 and Ascend. This will give you a max skill in each of 99. Once you reach 99, you must go to a Master and pay to increase your max skill.

There are 2 Gathering skills, and 6 Crafts, or Professions. There is nothing to prevent you from learning all 6 crafts, other than the cost to learn a new trade (2,904 Kinah ), but you cannot take a second skill beyond 399 (Expert=400) until you have Mastered (449) one skill. Then you can Become Expert at your second craft. You cannot Master more than two crafts.

The Production skill Masters are all in the two main cities, so you cannot produce finished goods until reaching level 10.



  • 1-49p (received at Level 1)
  • Amateur: max points=99p (received at Level 10)
  • Novice: raises cap to 199p (Must be purchased, for 18,513 Kinah )
  • Apprentice: raises cap to 299p (Must be purchased, for 121,000 Kinah )
  • Journeyman: raises cap to 399p (Must be purchased, for 484,000 Kinah )
  • Expert: raises cap to 499p (Must be purchased, for 2,100,000 Kinah , also referred to as Master)

Upgrades to your Essencetapping and Aethertapping skills must be purchased from a Essencetapping Master or Aethertapping Master, which will add 1 point to your skill and raise your max skill by 100 points. When you reach 399 you will need to take your final exam as an Expert by completing the quest, [Expert] Essencetapper's Test or [Expert] Aethertapper's Test. Only then can you pay your fee and raise your skill to 400.

You can also buy special hats that give the ability to sense gatherable items near you (they appear as a plant icon on the minimap). Prices range from 9,105 Kinah for the first hat, to 1,530,910 Kinah for the 4th hat!

Tables of everything that can be Gathered can be found at Harvestables.

Most harvest nodes give you 3 tries, but gem nodes and some others only have 1, and Small Vortex (for Aethertapping) gives you 6 tries, as if to make up for how darn difficult they are to find/harvest. No matter how many max attempts the node has, if you fail twice the node will vanish.

You must have at least one empty space in your cube to harvest, even if what you are harvesting would stack in your cube. A harvest node will be trivial when your skill is 45 points above the minimum to harvest that node, and you will no longer get any skill-ups from harvesting that node.

Hint When you finish a harvest attempt the green dot on either side of the node name will stay there for a cooldown period (a second or so) BUT if you right click on the node it will remove the cooldown instantly, then you can right-click again to start your next harvest! This will save you several seconds which is really important when gathering Aether.

Morph Substances

The Morph Substances skill can change Aether into other crafting materials. For instance, you can morph 1 Aether Powder into 3 Iron Ore. The created material is identical to the harvested material and can be sold, stored, traded or crafted exactly the same as the harvested material.


Pay a Master to teach the basics, then learn by doing. Work Orders are available for all production crafts that can be used to take you all the way from Amateur to Master without any harvesting.

As your expertise grows you will need to return to your Master every 99 levels to receive additional instruction, at additional expense, to attain the next ranking and expand your maximum skill to the next tier.

TierTitleCostSkill Range
1Amateur3,500 Kinah 1-99
2Novice17,000 Kinah 100-199
3Apprentice115,000 Kinah 200-299
4Journeyman460,000 Kinah 300-399
5Expert1,500,000 Kinah 400-450
To make a finished good, obtain all the materials, right-click on a crafting station, select the recipe you wish to make (See Category:Designs), set how many repetitions you wish to craft, then press "Craft" (or "Craft All" to make as many as you have materials for). The exact same Pass/Fail bars used when harvesting appears and you either fail or succeed when one of the two bars fills up.

Exceptional Results

Some designs have a chance to produce an exceptional product. This result will be a quality grade higher than the normal product of the design, and, of course, will have better stats. When an exceptional event happens, you will see the product icon change in the crafting success/fail box.

[Craft] Quests

These are Crafting storyline quests, listed under your Standard Quests tab in the Quest Journal. They are non-repeatable and are part of the Aion story, kind of like the Crafting version of Campaign quests. Sometimes you will be given the materials to make the required items, sometimes not, but you still need to purchase fuel and other minor supplies to complete the quest.

For the series of Craft quests, see Crafting Quest Series.

Work Order Quests

Work Orders have their own tab in your Quest Journal, are repeatable, and are used to grind your way up. You get Work Orders (or "Craft Requests") from the Masters in your home city, and they ask you to make a certain number of a particular Design. You will be given the Design if you don't already have it, and enough of the primary material needed. If you don't fail it should be more than enough to complete the work order, even with a failure or two, but if you fail too much you will need to abandon the Work Order and re-acquire it.

When you have completed the Work Order, return the finished goods to the master that gave you the task. Completing a Work Order does not give you any experience but it will give you random crafting materials appropriate to your skill and has a chance to reward Designs or some of the finished product. You do gain experience for making the pieces, though, and this is how you level up as a crafter. It is expensive, and time consuming, but it is faster and cheaper than acquiring the materials to grind your way up using only the normal Designs.

See Category:Work Orders.

Other Resources

  • If you can fight your way past the Engrish, there is an excellent guide to making Kinah, mostly via crafting, at this page on AionFly.

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