Aether Extractor (Aion Item)  

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Aether Extractor
Type Extraction
Purchase limited to 100
Untradeable, Unstorable in Account Warehouse, Unable to store in the Legion Warehouse

This device gathers the energy of weakened Aether to allow extraction of Magical Aether.

When you have exceeded the limit for the number of items you can buy, you must wait for a certain period of time before you can buy again.

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See also: Essencetapper

Resource nodes in Pernon and Oriel requires this item to enable extraction. Each node will tell you how many, from one to three, that you will need to extract from that resource.

You can purchase these from an Essencetapping Items vendor in the Extraction Studio of the Master Workshop quarter of your Housing zone for 607 Kinah each.

Hint Aborting the harvest action does not consume the Aether Extractor so if the harvest action window does not show an item you want, just jump to abort!

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