Krimer (Aion Object)  

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Object Info
Type Harvestable (Vegetable)
Zone(s) Altgard
Location(s) See Krimer Harvesting Places
Skill Essencetapping (55p)
Resources Krimer (100%)
See also: Harvestables
Other Resources: PowerWikiArmoryAiondbGoogle

NCSoft has modified the XP gain from harvesting frequently enough that it is not reasonable to try to keep up with it in a wiki.

Pathfinding cannot be used to locate resource nodes. Gathering Hats can be used to mark resource nodes near you on the minimap.

Krimer is found almost exclusively in the tilled garden patches inside the MuMu Village in Altgard. There are a few spots on the hills above Idun's Lake, and numerous places on Calderon Hill (one by the burning wagon, a second across the path by the Pecku nest, and a third in the next valley east by the Lepharists camp).

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