Calamot Bloom Supply (Aion Work Order)  

Construction Only
Cannot be shared.
Can be abandoned.
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 Talk with Darfen at the Temple of Artisans in Pandaemonium, or Undin at Artisans Hall in Sanctum.
Level 9 - 60 Calamot Bloom Supply [220p]
Craft the requested goods and take them to Darfen or Undin
 Design Information
Total cost of materials: 3,248 Kinah

 Supplied Materials
 Basic Reward
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Construction (220p) or better is required to receive this Work Order. Total Costs of Materials is based on the maximum combines for this Work Order.


On the Quest Journal and on the Craft Tool UI this work Order's design is listed as Amalil Bloom instead of Calamot Bloom, but the quest updates correctly.

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