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{{Aion Work Order


Any or all of the following fields may be added to this call:




May be one of Solo (or blank), Group or Craft. Will link to a subcategory of Category:Quest Types. If Craft, and craft= is defined, then quest will be linked to Category:craft Craft (Aion Quest Type), a subcategory of Category:Craft.
Most work orders give a range of levels, usually 9 - 60, that they can be done at.
If this quest cannot be shared, put any value in this field. Default (blank) is share-able.
If this quest cannot be abandoned, put any value in this field. Default (blank) is abandon-able.
rewardx=, optionalx=
Very rarely, a quest will have a reward that is not coin, xp, title, design or item. These two fields will not be wrapped in any way, so any linking is totally up to you.
Some items have a prefix, like Flight: or Manastone: but, without namespaces, we cannot handle the colon in that so we ignore them in pagenames and links, but we can still display them. Replace n with 1 or 2 for basic rewards, or 1 to 4 for optional rewards.


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Design Choices

The following is an example of the quest display in-game in the Quest Journal. I tried to keep most of my design choices in line with this window. The exception is the Rewards block, which actually came from the end of the quest intro dialogue.

Quest Journal Window
Quest Journal Window
Quest Dialogue Final Page
Quest Dialogue Final Page
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