Essencetapping 155-200 (Aion)  


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Skill: Essencetapping: 155-200
Level ObjectTypeResourceZonesLocationsHarvesting Quests
155 Aquamarine Gem Aquamarine Ore Morheim, Eltnen places The Best Hairpin
High Quality Jewel
160 Gold Soft Metal Gold Ore, Greater Gold Ore Morheim, Eltnen, Brusthonin, Theobomos places Kimssi's Dream
Worth Your Weight In Gold
165 Omblic Fruit Omblic, Omblic Petal Eltnen places Like Mother Used to Make
170 Hasia Herb Hasia (PW/AA), Fresh Hasia Morheim places Urgent Care
Umblia Herb Umblia, Fresh Umblia (PW/AA) Eltnen places First Aid
180 Kirka Fruit Kirka, Kirka Petal Morheim places Ravenous Philosopher
Ruta Vegetable Ruta (PW/AA) Eltnen places the Vital Ingredient
185 Zircon Gem Zircon (PW/AA) Morheim, Eltnen places Best Ornament
190 Chikra Vegetable Chikra Morheim places Ravenous Philosopher
Bacora Fish Bacora Eltnen places Like Mother Used to Make
200 Adamantium Hard Metal Adamantium Ore (PW/AA), Greater Adamantium Ore (PW/AA), Pure Adamantium Ore (PW/AA) Morheim, Eltnen, Brusthonin, Theobomos, Reshanta places Thirteen Pieces of Ore
Holy Reconstruction!
This Ain't a Scene...

At 199p your progress will be stopped until you visit the Essencetapping Master in your home city. He will teach you what you need to know to expand your skill, attain 200p and increase your maximum to 299p.

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