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There are some generalities we can draw about the various Designs for Alchemy. There are four classifications of Alchemical recipes: Magic Weapons, Potions, Scrolls, and the ubiquitous Other. In the following sections we refer to harvestable types. The specifics will vary by tier but they will be harvestables of a point range similar to the recipes point level.

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Magic Weapons

Magic Weapons, Tomes and Orbs, are made from Wisdom Stone (PW/AA)s, Magic Power Crystal (PW/AA)s, Weapon Fluxes and Aether. The Wisdom Stones and Magic Power Crystals are rewards from completed Work Orders but can also be crafted from lesser ingredients. The Flux is dropped from mobs and the Aether is harvested using Extract Aether.


All potion recipes use Elemental Water (PW/AA) and a Glass Bottle (PW/AA). In addition, they will require one or more Herbs. Some of the more potent potions will also require some Aether, and may even substitute the Aether for the Herbs entirely.


To make a scroll you need Ink and Paper. No big surprise, huh? Well, inks are made from various mineral powders and Elemental Water (PW/AA). For the paper you will need material from a fibrous plant or wood, and more Elemental Water (PW/AA).


This category is mostly comprised of sub-components that appear in the other three types of recipes. For powders and waters, all you need is the mineral to be ground or dissolved. Magic Power Crystal (PW/AA)s and {{AionItem|Wisdom Stone}s use a powder or water and a Catalyst (PW/AA).

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