Beluslan (Aion Zone)  

Type Public Outdoor
Sphere Asmodae
Level Range 30 to 50
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Map of Beluslan

"Kurngalfsberg, once a thriving city, fell under the disapproving gaze of Ereshkigal, one of the Dragon Lords (of the Balaur), and in a fit of ire he encased it in ice. ... Kistenian and his fellow Flame Daevas hope to breathe life back into it with the help of the ancient tree people, the Elim."[1]

Campaign Story

During the Cataclysm, when the Tower of Eternity was shattered, Beluslan Fortress was saved by a quick-thinking Daeva who invoked the Artifact of Time and Space and froze the Fortress in Time, but with the weakening of the Aetheric Field the Fortress is slipping into ruin. There must be a way to strengthen the field and slow or stop the impending disaster (Saving Beluslan Fortress).

Undead have infested Besfer Village and Gigrite, the Daeve dispatched from Pandaemonium to handle it, is overwhelmed. You must go to her and help her send the undead back to the flow of Aether (An Undead Occupation).

The war with the murderous Elyos has orphaned many children. Others are in danger of the same fate from more mysterious forces. Paeru's father has disappeared under such mysterious circumstances and must be found before the unrest in the land adds one more orphan to it's toll (A Missing father).

As you have heard, Kurngalfsberg is under the frozen curse of Erishkigal. The brave Daevas of Flame are working to reverse this curse and free the city. Kistenian, their leader, could use your help (Thawing Kurngalfberg).

Standard Story


This zone has rifts to and from Heiron.

Entrances (to Heiron)
Entrances (to Heiron)
Exits (in Heiron)
Exits (in Heiron)
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The above information and maps are originally from the Korean version of PowerWiki.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. ^ From the recent video zone tour, discussed here

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