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One of the most amazing parts of Aion is the flying. As a Daeva you have the divine gift of flight. However, there are limitations. The most important is time. As a young Daeva the amount of time you can fly is very short. If you go too long, like Icarus, your wings will melt and you will plummet to your death. Be aware that mobs can still aggro you when you are flying, it is just harder for them to hit you. Some mobs have skills, such as the Gargoyle's Crash (PW) skill, that will literally make you crash. Your wings vanish and you fall like a rock. A very squishy rock.

Also, be sure to notice the color of the wings icon in the center of your minimap. If it is light blue you are below the crash cieling and falling will hurt you but you will not die. If the icon is red (pink) a fall from that altitude will be fatal to you.

There are two kinds of flight, but both summon your wings and both have a max duration: free-flight and gliding.

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Full flight is limited to certain areas. To open you wings, you can click the center of the Flight Status indicator, or use the icon from Skills on your hotbar. Once your wings are open, it is just like running except you can use "R" or "F" to Rise or Fall (descend). The easiest way to control flight when you are just learning is to always use click-to-move. Just click on some distant object that is in the direction want to go... a building, a cliff, or the ground at the feet of your target. You will fly straight there. This is especially useful when extracting aether. Just right-click on the node to fly there, reverse your camera while harvesting, harvest as long as you can then click on your landing spot to fly straight there.

When guiding yourself level flight is with the camera directly behind you. Tilting the camera down to see your belly will make you fly up. Basically you will go to the point your camera is pointed at.

You can toggle from Free Flight to Gliding with the spacebar, and back to Free Flight if you need to. This does NOT work if you started out gliding and want to Fly. This is useful if you want to fly beyond the boundary of a Free Flight area. You can rise high, fly at the barrier, the toggle to Gliding and go right through the barrier. You can use this to get to some places you could not normally reach.


Gliding is available in all areas. Just double-jump, or press the jump key (spacebar) while you are already in the air, and your wings will appear. When gliding you have some control. Pressing forward (up-arrow or "W") will tip your wings slightly forward, moving you forward faster but at the cost of altitude. Releasing the key will tip your wings back to neutral and you will be more likely to catch a useful updraft, extending flight time. Pressing the jump key again while gliding will cancel the glide and drop you.


If you are in Free Flight, make sure you are "close" to the ground, then click the Flight Toggle action icon, hit PageDn, or click on the Flight indicator on the UI to close your wings. If you are gliding, just press the Jump key (spacebar) to land, or touch the ground.

Not every place that looks solid enough to land on can be, and some you would not thing you can land on, you can. To be certain, use click-to-move. If you see the destination splash where you clicked, you can land there. It also needs to be between a 0 and 30 degree slope. Any much more that that and you will just slide off!

Falling Like A Rock

Is bad, m'kay? It is to be avoided if at all possible. Especially since as your level rises Soul Healing gets more and more expensive. What is the price of a Wind Serum next to 10,000 Kinah in Soul Healing? Lesser Wind Serum (PW/AA) is available from any Potion vendor for around 725 Kinah and will give you 12 extra seconds to get to safety. More than enough to get to the ground, or at least get closer to the ground so the fall does not kill you. You should try to keep at least 10 of these on you at all times.

If you have done the best you can and are still gonna fall, see the next section. It is your last and only hope.

Auto-Rotation Emergency Landing Protocol

What do you do it you are harvesting a rock and have pushed it a little too far and do not have enough time to get to your safe perch? Well, you use one of your Wind Serums, that's what. You don't have any? Well, go buy some! Oh, yes, it is a little late for that, huh?

OK, although I am tempted to tell you to tuck your head between your legs and... you know, but I won't. Here is THE emergency protocol for this situation. I have actually done it, once, and lived to walk away. I have also made a lovely pancake on several occasions, but if you do it right this WILL save you a Soul Healing bill.

Turn off your wings. That's right, I said turn 'em off and fall like a rock. Now, just before you go splat, pop your gliding wings with your spacebar. Of course, this maneuver assumes your Wings cooldown has already expired.

OOC "Auto-Rotation" is an emergency protocol used with helicopters in the case of a catastrophic engine failure. You tip the craft forward and fall, essentially using the blades as wings. This creates lift. If you do it just right, your rotors will be turning fast enough that, as you near the ground, you pull up and the turning blades creates a cushion of air/lift for you to set her down on. It is not a soft landing, but you might walk away from it.

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