Poeta (Aion Zone)  

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Type Public Outdoor
Sphere Elysea
Level Range 1-10
Akarios Village to:
Flight Stations

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Map of Poeta

This is the starting zone for all Elyos. You awaken in the Akarios Plains with no direct memory of your past but your basic skills (language and such) intact.


What a very strange dream! Of course, everyone has dreams where they can fly, but really! Anyway, better shake those cobwebs clear quick, you have work to do.

Kalio, himself, wants to talk to you up in Akarios Village. He has a few extra duties that he needs someone he can trust to take care of. This is not something he can trust most of the boneheads to handle, but he has a feeling about you...

In the Akarios Plain, the Kerubim have bitten off a larger bite than they can chew, daring to raid farms right under the nose of the Kalion Mercenary company. You better go show them the error of their ways, and be quick about it (The Kerub Threat).

The Elim have requested the assistance of the Captain, and he has chosen you to go down to Daminu Forest and do whatever you can to help (Request of the Elim).

The Dukaki have been at it again, logging in the forest without Daminu's permission. Go put a stop to that (Illegal Logging).

Distrubing rumors of Odium mining are coming out of the Kabarah Strip Mine. The Krall may be trying to refine the Odium. If they are, that could be a very bad thing. Monumentally bad (Neutralization).


The Kerubim are running wild all over the Akarios Plain, and Mires wants you to join the others in getting the situation under control (Kerubar Hunt, Grain Thieves, Report To Polinia). While you are at it, Kales wants you to trim the Snuffler population (The Snuffler Headache, Kales' Request) before they ruin what little the Kerubim have yet to steal.

Lots of others will have small tasks they need done, too, so be sure to talk to everyone!

Named Monsters

Image Name and Location Level Notes
Tirratirra in Cliona Lake 4 Tiara's Armor
Paruru Slowlegs in Ager's Farm 4
Fauron in Daminu Forest 6 Fauron's Leg Armor
Gatekeeper Kirrin in Agaric Spore Road 8 Sparkie Carapace Shield (PW/AA)
Roclama Armor (Chest)
Note: For drops in the Notes column, we list only Superior or better drops on this table, and some of those will be a single link to a Set page. For a complete list of the drops we know about, see the mob's page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers from Region chat

  1. Tutty's location
    Tutty's location
    Q: Where is Tutty?
    A: Tutty is roasting, on a spit, in a Kobold camp atop a short rise inside Kabarah Strip Mine. (Where's Tutty?)

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