Panacea of Life (Aion Item)  

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Panacea of Life
Type Potion

Recovers the target's HP by ___ points. See the table, below, for the exact amounts for all the variations of this potion.

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These potions are all either dropped from mobs or made by Alchemists.

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/2 sec.
Buy PriceMin. LevelQuests
Minor Panacea of Life270350 Kinah 10Sapiens in Poeta and Ishalgen
Lesser Panacea of Life490600 Kinah 20Sapiens in Altgard, Verteron and Haramel
Panacea of Life7201,200 Kinah 30Sapiens and Enemies in Eltnen, Morheim, Brusthonin and Reshanta. Also made by Alchemists.
Greater Panacea of Life9302,000 Kinah 40Strong sapiens in Eltnen, Morheim and Reshanta. Also made by Alchemists.
Major Panacea of Life11303,000 Kinah 50Strong sapiens in Heiron, Beluslan and Dark Poeta. Also made by Alchemists.
Fine Panacea of Life15504,200 Kinah 60Drops in Beshmundir Temple. Also made by Alchemists.

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