Life Potion (Aion Item)  

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Life Potion
Type Potion

Recovers the target's HP by ___ points every 2 seconds for 20 seconds. See the table, below, for the exact amounts for all the variations of this potion.

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These potions are all either dropped from mobs, rewarded from quests, or made by Alchemists.

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/2 sec.
Sale PriceMin. LevelQuests
Minor Potion of Life37250 Kinah 10Guardian Tog, A Favor for Gaione, Sparkie Sap Polish, The Robbery Plot, Treasure of the Deceased, The Shinier The Better, Azpha For Health And Well-being, Collecting Aria
Lesser Life Potion67450 Kinah 20Violent Pluma, The Tayga Threat, Marital Difficulties
Life Potion?850 Kinah 30Delivering Supply Food, Gimme Shelter
Greater Life Potion?1,500 Kinah 40made by Alchemists.
Major Life Potion?2,200 Kinah 50made by Alchemists.

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