Haramel (Aion Zone)  

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An odella processing facility accessed from the Impetusium in Altgard or Cantas Coast in Verteron.
Type Instanced
Party Solo
Sphere Asmodae
Level Range 16+
Cooldown 90 minutes
Zone Connections
A door in the Impetusium in Altgard or a portal in Cantas Coast in Verteron.
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Map of Haramel

Several rooms in this dungeon will have a Treasure Box. This box must be destroyed (weak mob) and will drop some coin and random common items such as potions and scrolls when looted.

Gem and Metal resources can be found in Odium Strip Mine, Odella Nursery and Haramel Skylift. Unlike the mobs in all instances the resource nodes here DO respawn! This makes Haramel an ideal place to farm Iron Ore, Silver Ore, Crystal Ore, Rose Quartz Ore and Amethyst Ore.



Odium Refinery - Boss: Drudgelord Kakiti - Collect the Fine Odium (PW/AA) and Raw Odium (PW/AA) for The Price of Loyalty. Destroy the 3 Aether Carts here and in the Odium Strip Mine for Destroy the Haramel Facilities.

Haramel Tower Boss: Keymaster MuMu Dang (PW/AA) - Kill the boss for the key and the Mechanics for the oil to unlock the Rust Box at the top of the tower.

Odella Processing Plant - Boss: MuMu Ham the Grey (PW/AA) - Burn the pile of Processed Odella for Destroy the Haramel Facilities. Collect Well-Dried Ginseng (PW/AA) and use the Hot Cauldron for The Soup? Nutsy!.

Hamerun's Office - Bosses: Bossman Nukiti, Hamerun the Bleeder - There is a large group of Brainwashed supplicants (all level 1) in the center of the room. Just step in then go left or right around them and clear the rest of the mobs in the room. Once you defeat Hamerun the Bleeder, an Opened Dimensional Gate will appear at the room's entrance to take you out of the dungeon.


The main series starts with (mob name needed!) in Altgard Fortress.

  1. Odella, Odella, Where Art Thou? (18)
  2. The Price of Loyalty (18)
  3. Guess Who (18)
  4. Hammertime (19)
    Thus ends your first trip into Haramel. Return to Moorilerk and Gulkalla to continue.

after Hammertime, from Moorilinerk (PW/AA), Gulkalla, Lateni and Moorilerk


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