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The initial 11 NA servers are named for 11 of the 12 Empyrean Lords] (the twelth, Nezekan, moved to Oceanic. I guess he was trying to be Just). The initial 12 EU servers are named for Generals and other important NPCs that you encounter as you progress through the zones. Some of the newer servers that are being added post-launch are named for lords of the Balaur.

North American Server List
CountryServerTimezone†Source of Server Name
Eastern USAzphelGMT-5Azphel, Lord of Darkness
Eastern USIsraphelGMT-5Israphel, Lord of Space
Eastern USLumielGMT-5Lumiel, Lady of Wisdom
Eastern USMarchutanGMT-5Marchutan, Lord of Fate
Eastern USTrinielGMT-5Triniel, Lady of Death
Eastern USZikelGMT-5Zikel, Lord of Destruction
Western USArielGMT-8Ariel, Lady of Light
Western USKaisinelGMT-8Kaisinel, Lord of Illusion
Western USSielGMT-8Siel, Lady of Time
Western USVaizelGMT-8Vaizel, Lord of Freedom
Western USYustielGMT-8Yustiel, Lady of Life
Western USFregionGMT-8unknown
Western USMeslamtaedaGMT-8a Balaur known as the Lord of Death and Fear

European Server List
CountryServerTimezone†Source of Server Name
GermanyKromede Vile Judge Kromede, of the Fire Temple
GermanyThor Thor, Hero of Beluslan
GermanyVotan Votan, Hero of Reshanta
GermanyBalder Balder, High Priest of Pandaemonium
Great BritainSpatalos Spatalos, General of Verteron
Great BritainTelemachus Telemachus, General of Eltnen
Great BritainCastor Castor, Golden Bough Brigade General in Eltnen
Great BritainPerento Perento, Brigade General of Heiron
Great BritainGorgos Gorgos
FranceUrtem Urtem
FranceVidar Vidar, Governor of Pandaemonium
FranceSuthran Suthran, General of Altgard
OceanicNezekanGMT-10Nezekan, Lord of Justice
† The time zones are just suggestions to help guide folks to a server more likely to have lots of players at their peak play time. It also controls the timezone used when displaying real-world time in-game. All NA servers are located in California. I am not sure where the EU servers are physically located.

Many of the earlier zones are instanced in up to 10 "channels", depending on load. You can change channels by going to Menu-> Support -> Change Channel. Each "channel" is an exact copy of the others, and you can see friends and group members that are on the same server as you, but are in a different "channel".

There is a max number of players that are allowed onto each server at any moment, and if you login and your server is full, you will be placed into a wait queue. It will tell you how many players are currently waiting, and an estimate of how long your wait should be.

Also, there is automatic server balancing. If too many more Asmodians have been created than Elyos then the server will stop accepting new Asmodian creation for an account creating it's first character on that server. If you already have a character on that server you are not restricting from creating alts.

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