Shedim Lords (Aion)  

The Shedim: Lords of the Asmodians

When the Tower of Eternity split, the powerful Empyrean Lords split off into two groups. One of these groups were the Shedim Lords, who were cast off into the harsh northern region of the newly shattered Atreia. There, they assembled their Daeva army and vowed to protect the shattered remains of the Tower of Eternity that rested on their lands. Dubbing this the Tower of Darkness, the Shedim believe that the weakness of the Seraphim demand for peace with the Balaur is what lead to their downfall.

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Azphel (Lord of Shadow)

Perhaps the very embodiment of the Shedim and their new home, Azphel was the protector of the north prior to the destruction of the Tower of Eternity. Now, he has taken lead of the Shedim and the Asmodians. As the Lord of Shadow, he has settled into the dark climate of Asmodae, and believes that the weakness of those who proposed peace lead to the destruction of Atreia.

Zikel (Lord of Destruction)

Protector of Asmodian Warriors, Gladiators and Templars, Zikel is a master of any weapon, and the wrath of his sword is feared by all. His passion for war does have its downsides, however, as his temper and rage can often cause him to lose control, causing him to undertake actions that only serve to further the divide between the Seraphim and the Shedim.

Lumiel (Lady of Wisdom)

Protector of Asmodae's magic users, Lumiel has studied the aether deeply and has come to master its powers, spreading the benefits to her followers. Tragically, she was close friends with the Seraphim Lord Ariel, but their relationship ended when they failed to see eye-to-eye in regards to the Balaur peace proposal. Since then, they have become enemies.

Marchutan (Lord of Fate)

Calm, composed, and stoic, Marchutan acts as the patron of Clerics and Chanters. He holds disdain for Zikel's temper and inability to control himself, but remains respectful towards him. Large and imposing, Marchutan is a powerful figure.

Triniel (Lady of Death)

The protector of all Asmodian Rangers and Assassins, Triniel is collected and deadly. While other enemies rush into battle, Triniel hangs back, analyzes her opponents, finds their weaknesses, and then strikes. Fast and deadly, she is the very embodiment of an Assassin.


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