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Warrior : Templar
Starting Stats
The Templar act as a guardians, defending while wielding a sword in one hand and a shield in the other. Templars can use chants and incantations to protect and heal themselves and allies, but they serve most often as frontline fighters.
You can view a video, "Introducing the Templar", at YouTube.


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Templars can use Sword, Shield, Mace and Greatsword. While sword and shield (often called "sword & board") are the classic choices for tanking, and with good reason, the Greatsword is an excellent choice for soloing, although it eliminates about half your skill options. Why on Atreia Aion gave Templars the ability to use the Mace, only the Empyrean Lords know.


When choosing what manastones to add to your gear, remember this. Primary choices for Templar should be: Evasion, Shield Defense, HP (in that order). Secondary choices should include Accuracy and Attack.

Stigma Stones

There are many Stigma Stones available to the Templar, as there are for all players, but there is one stigma that practically defines this class: Inescapable Judgment I. The down side is, it is one of the most expensive stones you will ever buy, running as much as .5 Million Kinah on some servers.


Templar is perhaps one of the most macro-able of classes. Two macros for all attacks seems to work well. The first should have your main attack sequence (Weakening Severe Blow (PW), Diviine Blow (PW), Ferocious Strike (PW), Robust Blow (PW) and Wrath Strike (PW)). Later you can substitute any of the Severe Blow skills via depending on what kind of debuff you feel most comfortable using. The second macro will be your Extras (Shining Slash (PW) and Provoking Severe Blow (PW)). I keep the two groups separate for two reasons: 1) it gives more flexibility, and 2) the reuse timers are longer.

See Templar Macros for the full text.


There are as many ways to do this as there are players, this is just one way. If you find it useful to see how another has done it, so be it. This is how my Level 29 Templar is configured. This will obviously change somewhat as I level up and get more skills. Note that all the skills in the macros are also displayed on the Ctrl and Alt bars. This is so you can see and track the macro execution, and pick and choose some skills when useful. I use my vertical bar only for food, scrolls and other items.

Ctrl+#Dazing Severe Blow (PW)Divine Blow (PW)Robust Blow (PW)Wrath Strike (PW)Shining Slash (PW)Provoking Severe Blow (PW)PotionsHerb Treatment
Alt+#Chastisement of Darkness (PW)Weakening Severe Blow (PW)Ferocious Strike (PW)Rage (PW)Avenging Blow (PW)Shield Counter (PW)Provoking Shield Counter (PW)unusedHealing Potion
#Inescapable Judgement I (PW)Macro: AttackMacro: ExtrasLootSteel Wall Defense (PW)Shield Bash (PW)Charge (PW)Taunt (PW)Divine Fury (PW)Empyrean Armor (PW)Attack/ ChatChange Weapon

More recently I acquired a Logitech G11 Keyboard. This has totally changed the way I lay out my hotkeys. I map G1-G6 to Ctrl-1 thru Ctrl6, G7-G12 to Alt-1 thru Alt-6, and G13-G18 to 1-6. This necessitates stacking my most-used keys in the first 6 keys of each bar and results in a much faster and surer tanking without any need to look down at my keys. This snapshot of my hotkeys is at Level 38.

Ctrl+#AttackDivineFury I (PW)Empyrean Armor I (PW)Charge I (PW)Shining Slash II (PW)Provoking Severe Blow II (PW)Big HP PotionWrath Strike II (PW)HP Potions
Alt+#Herb TreatmentProvoking Roar II (PW)Taunt III (PW)Avenging Blow I (PW)Shield Counter III (PW)Provoking Shield Counter III (PW)Divine Blow II (PW)Robust Blow IV (PW)openInescapable Judgement I (PW)unused
#Macro: Get Over Here!Macro: AttackMacro: ExtrasLootMacro: Armor Up!Shield Bash (PW)Weakening Severe Blow III (PW)Ferocious Strike IV (PW)Steel Wall Defense I (PW)Rage III (PW)Heal PotHeal Pot

This space is just waiting for a player who plays this class to start building the definitive reference for Templars. Is that you? Then press Edit and get started! Contact Bludwyng if you need any help.

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