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Type Manastone

The name of the stone describes what it does when bound to a weapon or piece of armor. Double-click or right-click to activate, and then select the item to bind the manastone to.

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We are not going to make separate pages for every Manastone in the game, just this one page. If we do need to link a specific manastone name it should redirect to this page

Armor, weapons, and shields of any quality will have from 1 to 6 Manastone sockets on it. These are mount points where a Manastone can be attached. The attaching of Manastones is a way to customize your stats for your particular playstyle, and to fill in any weaknesses your chosen class may have.

Socketing a Manastone

To socket a Manastone, simply double-click or right-click on the Manastone, then mouse over the piece of gear you want to attach it to and click. You will see the mouse pointer change when you are over a piece of gear with an open socket. A casting timer bar will appear and, when complete, your Manastone will be attached and active.

Socketing a Manastone can fail, although this is rare. If it fails the Manastone is destroyed. If you are socketing a Manastone to an item that already has one or more Manastones, failure can mean the destruction of all the Manastones on the item!

There is a useful Manastone Calculator available at The Aion Wiki.

Removing a Manastone

Hail a Manastone Remover, found in the main villages and cities, usually in or near a Weapon or Armor shop. He can remove the existing Manastone from an item, but this destroys the Manastone. If the item has more than one manastone, you get to choose which one he removes. The fee for this service is variable, depending on the value of the item and the Manastones.

Reusing a Manastone

You can't. Once socketed, a Manastone can only be removed destructively.

But... you can use Extraction Tools to remove the essence of the equipment as an Enchantment Stone. This does not have anything to do with the manastone, really, and you can extract Enchantment from an item that does not even have a Manastone. Unlike Manastones, which improves a specific attribute, Enchantment Stones do not have sockets and, if successful, will improve certain attributes already on the armor or weapon. This is denoted by a +1 that appears to the left of the item name. If you fail, the stone is destroyed and you lose one level of enchantment. The level cannot be reduced below 0, and cannot be raised beyond +10.

The downside is, Extraction Tools are expensive and destroys the gear you are extracting from, so you cannot sell it to a vendor. When you consider the cost of the Extraction Tools and the loss of the sale value of the item, this makes Enchantment Stones very expensive. A general rule of thumb is, if the item is below your level, sell it. If it is above your level, break it.

Buy Extraction Tools for 800 Kinah to 1,500 Kinah from almost any General Goods Merchant. The level of the resulting Enchantment Stone will be the same as the item it was taken from, or up to 8 levels higher, and you may get 2 stones instead of the normal 1.

See Enchantment Stone for a complete discussion, and a table of the statistics that can be improved.

Manastone Quests

In each zone, tier 2 and above, the Manastone Remover will have 2 quests to offer. Each takes 3 manastones and exchanges them for a random manastone that might be better than the ones you gave him. One quest will want melee-favorable manastones, and the other wants 3 magic-user stones, so just keep the one quest that takes the stones you do not need nor want.

See Manastone Quests for more information.


Because the name of a Manastone says what it is and what it does, there is no need to create Item pages for them, here. All Manastones are treated, in our Wiki, as a single Item, Manastone.

Manastone Type(Items Lvls 1-10)(Items Lvls 1-10)(Items Lvls 11-20)(Items Lvls 21-30)(Items Lvls 31+)(Items Lvls 41+)
HP +20+30+40+50+60
Rare +55+65+75+85+95
MP +20+30+40+50+60
Rare +55+65+75+85+95
Accuracy +12+14+16+18+20
Rare +19+21+23+25+27
Magic Boost +12+14+16+18+20
Rare +19+21+23+25+27
Parry +12+14+16+18+20
Rare +19+21+23+25+27
Shield Defense +12+14+16+18+20
Rare +19+21+23+25+27
Physical Critical Hit +4+6+8+10+12
Rare +9+11+13+15+17
Evasion +4+6+8+10+12
Rare +9+11+13+15+17
Magical Resistance +3+4+5+7+9
Rare +6+8+10+12+14
Magical Accuracy +3+4+5+7+9
Rare +6+8+10+12+14
Attack +1+1+2+2+3
Rare +4+4+5+6
Maximum Flight Time+4+4+6+8
ZAM credits this article at PowerWiki for the table of Manastone values.


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