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Enchantment Stone
Type Enchantment Stone

You can enhance the basic attributes of weapons and armor by using Enchantment Stones.
Activate the Enchantment Stone by double-clicking (or right-clicking) it and select the item to attach the Enchantment Stone.

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Armor and weapons can be upgraded, improving the base attributes of the item, through the use of an Enchantment Stone. The exact amount of the improvement depends on the type of weapon or armor (see table, below). Enchantment Stones can be rewarded by a quest, but is more commonly obtained through the use of Extraction Tools. These extract the magical essence of an item, giving you one or more Enchantment Stones that can then be used to improve the enchantments of another item. You can do this to gear you have outgrown, or to gear you have never or cannot wear. The item is destroyed in the process, so you lose the sale value of the item but gain the ability to improve the gear you are wearing.

Enchantment Stones can also be won from quests. See Suspicious Green Sack (PW/AA) and Suspicious Old Sack for a list of quests (there are certainly other items that contain stones as well).

Rarely, thanks to an Exceptional Extraction Event, you will get two stones from a single extraction. You can also get a stone or stones that are of a higher level than expected.

An Enchantment Stone will display the level to the left of the name, which will be no lower than the level of the item it was extracted from, and may be 2-6 levels higher. We are not sure, at this time, if the level of the stone is affected by the quality of the item it was extracted from, nor whether the presence of bonuses on the item (from Manastones) have any bearing on the level of the stone or the chance of getting two stones.

Enchanting an item can succeed or fail, just like socketing a Manastone. Failure will reduce the enchantment one level but cannot go below 0. The higher the level of the Enchantment Stone above the level of the item it is being attached to, the less the chance of failure but there is a range to the improved chance based on the quality of the item you are trying to enchant!

  • Normal Items - 1-10 Levels
  • Superior Items - 5-20 Levels
  • Heroic Items - 15-40 Levels
  • Fabled Items - 30-50 Levels
  • Eternal Items - unknown
If the level of the stone is low in that range you will fail more than using a stone that is too low. Higher in the range gives a much better chance of success.

An enchanted item will display a +1 to +x to the left of the name. The max is +10. We have successfully enchanted an Oracle Book (PW/AA) to +10, giving it +30 Attack and +200 Magic Boost. patch 1.9 raised the max to +15. The chance from +1 to +10 remains the same as before (altered by the addition of Socketing Supplements) but the chances above +10 get worse. Failure above +10 will drop the value to +10 instead of zero.

Our Advice

Unless you plan to raise a lot of alts (as Enchantment Stones can be stored in the Account Warehouse and Soul-Bound gear cannot) the best thing to do with old gear is sell it. The best thing to do with new gear that you will not be able to nor want to use, is extract it and apply it to the gear you have. This helps keep your most recent gear current as you level and does not have you paying 1,000 Kinah to extract Stones you will not be able to apply. Remember, you need Stones that are above' the level of your gear, so breaking old gear is not going to help with this.

Weapon Enchantment Effects per Level
Attack +2+2+3+3+3+4+4+4+4
Magic Boost --+20+20+20+20---
Armor and Shield Enchantment Effects per Level†
Cloth Armor +3+2+1+1+1
Leather Armor +4+3+2+2+2
Chain Armor +5+4+3+3+3
Plate Armor +6+5+4+4+4
Shields+2% Damage Reduction per Enchantment Level
Physical Defense is increased for all Armor types

ZAM credits this article at PowerWiki for the tables of Effects per Level.

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