Warehouse (Aion)  

There are three types of Warehouse space: Personal, Account and Legion.

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Personal Warehouse

You will start with 24 spaces in your Level 0 Warehouse. Additional 8-space Levels may be purchased. Items stored here can only be removed by the character that put them there. Most zones have at least one Warehouse Manager that can give you access to your Personal Warehouse.

LevelSpaces AddedCost
1+81,200 Kinah
2+824,000 Kinah
3+872,600 Kinah
4+8181,500 Kinah
5+8363,000 Kinah
6+8quest or reward
7+8quest or reward
You can only pay to expand your warehouse five times, after which it can only be expanded further by quest rewards or Veteran Rewards.

Account Warehouse

Items stored here can be removed by any character on the same account, but only on the same server. Your Account Warehouse has 2 rows of 8 slots, for a total of 16, and cannot be expanded. Account Warehouse Managers are only available in your home city.

Legion Warehouse

Items stored here may be removed by any member of your Legion who has the right permissions. The size of the Legion Warehouse is based on your Legion's level. Legion Warehouse Managers are only available in your home city.

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