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Object Info
Type Harvestable (Aether)
Zone(s) Verteron, Altgard, Eltnen, Morheim, Reshanta
Location(s) See Big Vortex Harvesting Places
Skill Aethertapping (100 to 175p)
Resources Aether Crystal (100%)
High-Grade Aether Crystal
See also: Harvestables
Other Resources: PowerWikiArmoryAiondbGoogle

Pathfinding cannot be used to locate resource nodes. Gathering Hats can be used to mark resource nodes near you on the minimap.

The chance of Rare harvests increases with the better nodes, as does the XP earned.

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There are two 100p nodes near Ardus Shrine (actually in Miraju's Holy Ground ). They are difficult to see from the Shrine due to all the trees. From the shrine, there are several large tree trunks growing up and out to the south-east. Fly to the tip of the highest of the large trunks where it ends as if it's been sawed off. At this point you are in Miraju's Holy Ground already. One 100p node is very close to the west, about 3 wing flaps. The second 100p node is harder to see from there, it is to the east and a little below you, about in line with a big tree. Once you find the second node, you'll want to farm it from a lower branch that is closer to it, about six wing-flaps away. With two hard-to-see nodes both close to a perch and multiple Verteron channels to choose from, this is an easy place to grind from 100p to 125p without competition.


There is an excellent 100p node just above and northeast of the balcony in front of the Brokerage. Even better place to land is on top of the first ridge of rock on the northeast corner of the Brokerage, as it is exactly level to the node and a tad closer. This place is also perfect for one each at 125p and 175p. There are 2 more 100p nodes on the west side of the General Store.

As of version 1.5.1 there are now at least six 150p nodes spread around the fortress, all in the middle of the height-band for the 100p nodes. Two are together on the north side of the fortress. There is an S-shaped branch growing out of the north side of the fortress. From the base of this branch, you can see one of the two to your left, the second is out of sight beyond it. Also, the tip end of this branch points nearly directly at a third 150p node to the north east.

A good 175p node is to the southeast of the landing place you used for the 100p node at the Brokerage.



There is at least one 100p node high above Heart of Impetusium but I am not sure how you would ever get more than a single hit on it before needing to land, given the flight time to and from.


Above the 75p nodes at Morheim Ice Fortress, but not too high, you will find a layer of 100p nodes encircling the Fortress. You can easily harvest these from rest points on the fortress ledges or rooftops.

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