Pernos (Aion Mob)  

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Pernos <Hermit>
lvl 50     Pre-emptive Attack
Disciplined, Normal, Quest NPC, Male Elyos, Social, Aggressive (except vs. Elyos)
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Race: Elyos (Male)
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To find this Mob in-game, use /where Pernos

Being a Hermit can get lonely, especially for a Daeva (immortal). Pernos has befriended a number of young Fungy, who hang around his hut; Fungus Boy Shroomy (PW/AA), Shroomin and Shroomba are his pals.

OOC In EverQuest II, Shroomba is the name of one tribe of Fungusmen, found in Greater Faydark in the Shroomba Subterrane and Dyer Mycoria.

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