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The design of the Aion Mob template is taken almost completely from the in-game UI. Most of the following explanation, therefore, is taken straight from our User Interface guide.

How do I read the information in the Active Target section?

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An Aggressive, 2-dot Solo mob 2 levels above your own Level
An Aggressive, 2-dot Solo mob 2 levels above your own Level
An aggressive, level 16, 4-dot Group mob, with 2 DOTs on him, targeting a Templar
An aggressive, level 16, 4-dot Group mob, with 2 DOTs on him, targeting a Templar
The UI provides a large amount of information about anything you target. At the top, to the right of your status, is your target (if you have one). Across the top of the bar is the target's name, and even the color of the text tells you something about your target. This color is the same as the color of the text over the mob's head.
  • Grey - 3 or more levels below your own.
  • White - 2 below you
  • Light Yellow - 1 below you
  • Strong Yellow - Same level as you
  • Pale Orange - 1 level above you
  • Orange - 2 levels above you.
  • Red - 3 or more levels above you.
  • Cyan - A non-attackable NPC
However, since the Wikibase has no idea what level you are, we display all monsters as Yellow, all NPCs as Cyan, and all Object mobs as White.

The target's level is also displayed on a small circle on the left side of the bar. In the Wikibase, this is the Minimum Level (or the only level) of the mob. The level range is displayed in the brown box.

Beside that is the Consideration icon. NPCs will have an Icon representative of their function. Monsters will have a green, straw, or red icon with a number of dots, or lights. The color indicates how they regard you (friendly, neutral, or aggressive) and the number of dots indicates how hard the mob hits, and how many Hit Points the mob has. 1 dot is a cream-puff, and 6 dots hits like a freight train and takes forever to kill. The vast majority of monsters will have 2 dots. A solo mob is still soloable, but you may want to have some healing potions on you before tangling with a 4, 5, or 6 dot solo mob. As a rule of thumb, a 3-dot mob hits as hard as you do and has about the same number of Hit Points as a Scout of your level.

The styling, from simple to elaborate, around the bar tells you if the mob is designed for Solo, Group or Raid encounters.

The red bar is the target's health, just like yours.

Unlike the in-game UI, there is no point for us to display distance and altitude.

The brown box duplicates the style and some of the information of the in-game mob mouseover, and some new facts. Here you will see the mobs Level Range, Gender, Race, Aggression, and any special ability they have, such as "Pre-emptive Strike". If a class is listed to the right of the level you can assume that the mob has access to some or most of the skills a player of his class and level would have.

What is all this under Additional Information?

Additional information can be found, oddly enough, in the box labeled Additional Information on the upper-right side of the page. This is where we list how much XP you get when you kill this mob at or near your own level, what zones and places he can be found in, any Quests this mob starts or is involved in (Related Quests), and a list of noteworthy Known Drops. This Drops list is not intended to be exhaustive, but it is where we list the drops that we have seen and thought were worth noting.

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