Pandaemonium (Aion Quest Series)  

Aion: The Asmodian Quest Series
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Quest Series
Starting ZonePandaemonium
Rec. Levels10 to 50
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Quest Series

For Campaign Quests in this zone, see the Asmodian Campaign.

starts with Arekedil in Altgard

  1. Arekedil's Heritage (10)
  2. Deep Maternal Love (10)

Vifrost Bridge

Randiten <House Promoter>

  1. Pernon Awaits You (9-20)
  2. Give My Regards to Pernon (PW/AA) (21)

Doman <Teleporter>

starts with Karollin <Daeva>

  1. A Feast for a Son (21)
  2. Preparing the Banquet (21)
  3. Flowers for the Banquet (21)
  4. Last Minute Worries (21)


  1. Ninis's First Charm (35)
  2. Ninis's Second Charm (40)
  3. Ninis's Third Charm (45)

Himdall <City Guard>



  1. Mane's Best Friend (10)
  2. Pet Perceptions (10)
  3. A Passion for Pets (10)

Pandaemonium Plaza


  1. Ingredients for Dye (20)

Great Temple

starts with Grimhild, in the Great Temple

  1. Song of Blessing (10)
  2. What did you choose?

starts with Lyfjaberga <Priest Preceptor>

  1. Advice of Destiny (17)
  2. ?? of Destiny (17) - from Freyr <Priest Preceptor>

Temple of Knowledge

Temple of Artisans

Deyla <Daeva of Deduction>

usener <Master Craftsman of Pandaemonium>

Temple of Gold

Veldina <Daeva of Prosperity>

  1. Veldina's Call (10)

starts with Nekorunerk <Quairerk Cube Factory Craftsman>

  1. Materials for 100-slot Cube (35, min 34)
  2. Looking for Garkbinerk (35)
  3. Winning Vindachinerk's Favor (35)
  4. Vindachinerk's Offer (35)

Prosperity Road

starts with Lunesa

  1. Ingredients for Dye (21)
  2. Just Dye, Already (21)


  1. Love at First Sight (21)
  2. Fascinating Gift (22, min 21)
  3. A Heartfelt Confession (30, min 25)
  4. Heart in Love (33, min 30)

Capitol Building

Vidar <Governor of Pandaemonium>

Njord <Information Officer>

Apellbine Tavern

Seriphim <Preceptor of Emoting>

  1. Seriphim's Teachings (9)

Airship Dock


  1. Sandblossom Wine (41)

Steel Rake

Minimum Level: 40

These quests all involve the Shulack Pirate ship, The Steel Rake. This is an instanced zone, reached by talking to a Shugo, Raninerk or Sarurinrinerk, on the Airship Dock.

The quest, A Suspicious Call, from Uikinerk at Anair Harbor, is considered to be the Access Quest for this zone, but it is really an optional introduction and can be bypassed.

Payrinrinerk title

  1. [Daily/Coin] Safecracking (41)


  1. Anikiki's Taming Manual (41)


  1. Log of the Steel Rake (41)



  1. The Wise in Disguise (30, min 30)
  2. Ceremony of the Wise (30)
  3. Making the Daevanion Weapon (30)

Preceptor's Test

At Level 34 your Class Master will give you a task. The task is basically the same for all eight Classes so we are going to treat it as a single quest.

Agrif's Rage

This quest series will require an entire legion's help to finish. The total Kinah needed to finish for one player is 10,800,000 Kinah ! The final reward is one of four Level 48 Fabled weapons.

Usener <Master Craftsman of Pandaemonium>

  1. [Group] Three Fragments of Agrif's Rage (35, min. 35)

Advanced Stigma

  1. A Suspicious Call (41, min 40)
  2. [Group] The Shulack's Stigma (PW/AA) (45, min 45)
  3. [Group] A Booklet on Stigma (PW/AA)
  4. A Future Threat
  5. [Group] Essential Material (PW/AA)
  6. [Group] Secret of the Greater Stigma (PW/AA)

Charlie Quests

Damon <Teleporter> on Vifrost Bridge

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