Morheim (Aion Quest Series)  

Aion: The Asmodian Quest Series
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Quest Series
Starting ZoneMorheim
Rec. Levels20 to 45
Previous Altgard
Next Brusthonin
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Quest Series

For campaign quests in this zone, see the Asmodian Campaign Quest Series.

The quest series in this zone are interspersed with the quests in the Brusthonin quest series. Holes in the series here are filled there, providing a smooth questing path from 20 to 55. When you run out of quests in one for your level, switch to the other, and vice versa.


This is a list of all the Harvesting quests in Morheim. They are also listed in the series section they belong in.

Essencetapping Quests
Skill PointsLevelQuestNPCHarvestable Object
10020Titanium TributeThurnbergTitanium
11020Firewood for CookingFavyrWrud Log
11522Lif's AgonyFavyrGadill
12022Kellan's RequestKellanTwisp
13026Medea's IllnessMedeaTheonia
13523Sora's Energy BoosterSoraVinna
14023Hungry PhilosopherViviRabano
14527A New HairpinSoraTopaz
15025Vivi's Secret RequestLifDorado
15527The Best HairpinSoraAquamarine
16026Kimssi's DreamKimissiGold
17026Urgent CareOrashunerkHasia
19025Ravenous PhilosopherViviKirka and Chikra
20030Thirteen Pieces of OreKarinaAdamantium
21029Balom's WagesKarinaPlatinum
22035A Special FriendshipBubu KongNeunan
25031A Fragrant TreeVirashakSalix Log
26030Cabon's RequestCabonXilix
27535Hungry Bubu KongBubu KongPressa

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Morheim Ice Fortress



  1. Active Discouragement (21, min. 20)
  2. The Claw of the Tayga (22, min. 21)



  1. Liquor that Makes You Vanish (20)
  2. [Spy] There and Back Again (20)

Neior <Daeva of Medicine>

Zone Reward Guide

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Giant Rock Waterfall

Favyr <Daeva of Luck>

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Patamor Ridge Path - Medea's House

Medea <Deava of Herbs>

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Patamor Thicket



starts with Nabaru after completing Petrifying Elim

  1. A Sorrowful Message (22)
  2. Reaching Out (22) - from Lorando at Kellan's Cabin
  3. [Spy] Elim of Elysea (23)


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Kellan's Cabin


Garurunerk <Black Cloud Trader>

Sora <Soul Healer>


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Sprigg Habitat


Vivi <Enlightened Sprigg>

  1. Hungry Philosopher (23, min. 22) - Harvesting: Extract Vitality (140p) required.
  2. Ravenous Philosopher (25, min. 24) - Harvesting: Extract Vitality (190p) required.

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Desert Garrison

Tofa <Shadow Executor>

Aprily <Quartermaster>

Orashunerk <Cook>

Gelundorf <Archon Sentinel>

Maxeldor <Soul Healer>

Jorund <Archon Sentinel>

Hakon <Archon Sentinel>

  1. [Spy] Curious Behavior (26, min. 25)
  2. Caryatid of Abyss (27, min. 25)
  3. [Group] An Ice Claw Raid (29, min. 28)
  4. Melting the Ice Claws (29)

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Mt. Musphel Entrance


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Mt. Musphel

Slag Bulwark

Gangleri <Shadow Executor>

Embla <Archon of Dusk>

Utgar <Archon of Dusk>

  1. Nosy Barghests (28, min 27)
  2. Repeatables

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Red Lava Cliff

Magni <Burned Agrint>

  1. The Agrint's Wish (28, min 27)
  2. Peace at the Last (28, min 27)
  3. The Agrint's Message (28, min 27)
  4. Putting Out Fires (34, min 33)

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Sky Temple of Arkanis

Bulagin <Agnita's Servant>

  1. [Group] An Ancient Weapon (33)

Padinerk <Grave Robber>

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Alsig Village

Karina <Villager>

  1. Balom's Wages (29) - Harvesting: Essencetapping (210p) required
  2. Thirteen Pieces of Ore (30) - Harvesting: Essencetapping (200p) required

Balom <Farm Owner>

  1. A Picky Eater (30)
  2. A Dish for Dukar (30)

Cabon <Villager>

Tekor <Farm Owner>

  1. Harvesting Tripeed (31)
  2. Tripeed Monster (33)
  3. Crop Stompers (33)

Virashak <Villager>


  1. Combat Preparation (31)
  2. [Group] A Missing Bandage (31)

Raukus <Watch Member>

  1. Worgs and Scolopens
  2. Skinning Spriggs (32)

Contineo <Watch Member>

Adhis <Archon Sentinel>

  1. [Spy] Homecoming of the Soul (33, min. 32)

Kamer <Archon Sentinel>

Muorinerk <Black Cloud Trader>

Mirka <Archon>

Roya <Combat Administration Officer>

Rikesh <Priest>

Securis <Watch Member>

Baroshunerk <Black Cloud Trader>

  1. [Group] Barosunerk's Grand Plan (36)

Mirmak <Watch Member>

Gelkugin <Shadow Executor>

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Morheim Observatory


  1. Earth Spirit? Water Spirit? (35, min 34)
  2. Hreidmar the Furious (35)




  1. Abex on a Stick (36, min 36)
  2. Abex Kebabs For The Soul (37)

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Chaikata's Hideout

Ananta <Silver Mane Mau>

  1. Beneficial Poison (36, min 36)
  2. Shoot That Poison Arrow (36)
  3. [Group] Chase of the Mist Mane Mau (38)
  4. [Group] Ananta's Plan (38) - Speed Boots!
  5. [Group] A Step to Revenge (38) - Gloves
  6. [Group] Legendary Armor (39) - Shoulders

Kuriuta <Silver Mane Mau>

Bubu Kong <Last Bubu Tribe>

Chieftain Chaikata <Silver Mane Mau>

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Halabana Outpost

Modgud <Archon Sentinel>

Mothir <Archon Sentinel>

  1. [Group] Taking Back the Hot Springs (37)

Malak <Soul Healer>

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Mist Mane Village

Temoji <Elim Disguised as Agrint>

Taisan <Elim Disguised as Gnarl>

  1. [Group] Taisan's Request (38)


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