Steel Rake (Aion Zone)  

Steel Rake
Steel Rake
Type Instanced
Party Group
Sphere Elysea
Level Range 40+
Access Quest Suspicious Shugo
Cooldown 5 hours
Zone Connections
Outer Dock in Sanctum
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The Steel Rake is the massive airship of the Steel Beard Pirates, whom the Shugos call Shulacks. Shulack is not translated, in game, but probably means something horrible like "bad businessmen".

Steel Rake has an intro quest, beginning with Suspicious Shugo for Elyos and A Suspicious Call for Asmodians. Both quests have a minimum level of 40. Once you complete this quest you should be offered three solo quests to complete in Steel Rake Cabin, the soloable middle deck of the Steel Rake. These must be completed before you can return to the Lower and Upper decks of the Steel Rake with a group.

The 3.0 patch changed the middle deck from Group to Solo, making the middle deck into a separate zone, the Steel Rake Cabin.


All quests that start outside and lead inside can be found in your respective cities Quest Series.

Boarding The Steel Rake

Getting there...
Getting there...

The other Shugo will take you to Steel Rake Cabin (solo zone).

This delivers you to a Black Cloud Traders airship that will sneak you onto The Stern of Steel Rake - Middle Level. Return to your city the same way, by clicking on the anchor mooring the Black Cloud Traders airship to the Steel Rake. You can exit and re-enter for up to 5 hours from your initial entry without worry, but after 5 hours if you need to leave (for a turn-in, for instance) be sure to leave at least one player inside to hold the instance open. Also, treasure keys obtained in the zone are NO-ZONE. If the player holding them exits the zone they vanish, so be sure any keys are held by someone that does not need to leave the ship for turn-ins. Most, if not all, door keys are NOT NO-ZONE.

The treasure keys should not be confused with the door keys, which drop from most named mobs in the zone and are required to progress. These do NOT vanish if you zone. This is very important, as it is wise to get the key from the Engineer once, then do NOT unlock the steam tunnel to the Upper Deck. Instead, exit and save this key. In this way, everafter, you can easy-mode the Engineer by pulling him into the Steam Tunnel!

The Airship is divided into three decks, {{aionzone|Steel Rake Cabin (formerly known as the Middle Deck), Lower Deck, and Upper Deck. Your point of entry is the The Stern of Steel Rake in Steel Rake Cabin.

OOC The maps (thumbnails) on this page were made by piecing together the minimaps from screenshots. The various dots and such should, therefor, be ignored, as they do not show all the mobs!

Lower Deck

Levels 44-45

Across the room is an opening. Clear the roamers and the central mobs to reach it. Go through the short passage to the No. 2 Cargo Hold. Ignore the two mobs on your right (they will pull the entire room) and clear to the ramp on the left. From the bottom, pull Bubukin. Clear across the left side of the Hold to the ramp, through the Menagerie (Normal 5-dot mobs with a few Elites) and down the ramp. Pull the first few mobs into the bottom of the ramp from beyond the door before you move into the Prison Zone. Destroy Prison Cell Doors as needed to kill or converse with prisoners.
  • Warden Tantaka (44 5-dot Elite, Warden's Chamber) - There are three mobs in the room and two treasure chests. CC the adds and kill the Warden, then the adds and finally the chests.
Between the second and third sections of cells is a ramp down to The Brig. Inside is a strange mob, Special Delivery, and two treasure chests. If Special Delivery is the Qooqoo, and if you have the correct food, you can spawn a special, very rare mob. We have never seen him and are not sure what the food is or where to get it.

In the third Cell section is the missing Cube artisan (see The Missing Cube Craftsman).

Go down the ramp to the door of the Central Engine Room, enter, clear to the landing before the Drana Generator Chamber, then left and back along the walkway to reach Technician Binukin.

Finally, back to the landing and down the ramp to the door of the Drana Generator Chamber, and enter.

Upper Deck

Map of Upper Deck
Map of Upper Deck
Levels 44-50

From the Anchor Hanger, destroy the Air Vent Cover to the north and go through the tunnel to reach the Central Deck - Upper Level. Clear down onto the deck until you can see to the far side of the left side. If Hook and Largimark are not there, they will be on the right side on the match to the landing you came in on.

Now that you have the flint, clear the right side from the stairs to the Central Deck Mobile Cannon. There will be three stealthed Raiders near the cannon. Clear them and fire the cannon to destroy the mobs at the base of the main stairs and bring Memekiki and her pet manduri. Go back to the raised landing you entered at, clear the landing and open the door to the Armory.
  • Zerkin the One-eyed (44 5-dot Elite, Armory) - He will be in the main room or on the ramp down from the first room.
  • Chief Gunner Koakoa (45 5-dot Hero, Large Gun Deck) - Periodically drops bombs all over the deck. One bomb will be smaller, so stack up on that one and destroy it as fast as you can, squishies should move back to the door area as soon as the rest of the bombs detonate to avoid the Gunners AE. Ranged DPS should stay by the door except when stacking up for the bombs.
Go back into the Armory, clear to the door opposite the one you came in at, and everyone click the cannon in the next room to fire yourself up to the Steering House level. Clear to the right (some stealthed Raiders) to enter the Captain's room.
  • Brass-Eye Grogget (46 5-dot Hero, Steering House) - Must be fought on the compass in the middle of the room. Periodically he will go back to the wheel and call adds. Buff on him says he is invulnerable but DOTs will still hit him! Also, if you have a Spiritmaster, remove his big buff as often as possible!

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