Verteron (Aion Quest Series)  

Aion: The Elyos Quest Series
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Quest Series
Starting ZoneVerteron
Rec. Levels10 to 20
Previous Poeta
Next Eltnen
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Quest Series
For Campaign Quests in this zone, see Elyos Campaign.

The Krall

The primary Group series for this zone are a collection of quests that all involve entry into the Tursin Garrison and Tursin Outpost. The quests are listed here for convenience, they also appear in the section for the place where they are obtained. We have also included the Krall-related quests from the Campaign series.


  1. Verteron Reinforcements (19)
  2. [Group] Krall Conspiracy (19)
  3. [Group] Reducing Tursin Strength (19)


  1. [Group] Culling Krall (17)
  2. [Group] Krall Who Never Give Up (17)

Harvesting Quests

Extract Vitality Quests
Skill PointsLevelQuestNPCHarvestable Object
2011Collecting KukuruOndaniusKukuru
3514Secret TradeSaminelSilver
5017Feed a ColdVascusRuko and Rubus
8518Can't Please EveryoneUneVenera
NOTE: You need to get your Extract Vitality skill to, at least, 95p before you leave Verteron for Eltnen. There are a number of harvesting quests there and the first one, The River Predators, requires a minimum skill of 95p. The Salmon in the water at Holy Ground of Miraju are excellent for grinding from 65-95.

Verteron Citadel


  1. Verteron Reinforcements (19)
  2. [group] Krall Conspiracy (19)
  3. [group] Reducing Tursin Strength (19)


  1. Undelivered Armor (10)
  2. An Honest Merchant (10)

Pobina <Manastone Remover>

starts with Stone <Information Officer>

  1. Numonerk's Demand Note (19)
  2. Lepharist Treasure Box (20)
  3. A Secret Delivery (20)


Gaione the Tog

  1. The Guardian Who Became a Tog (10)
  2. A Favor for Gaione (10, Repeatable 0/100)

Tolbas Forest


  1. Abandoned Scarecrow (11)
  2. Delicate Mandrake (12)
Zone Reward Guide
HeadSpatalos'Stopping the Conspiracy of Lepharist Revolutionaries
ShouldersLeto'sFrillneck Hunt
ChestSpatalos'Mark of Revenge
HandsSpatalos'Odium In The Dukaki Settlement
LegsSpatalos'Anti-Krall Measures
FeetLunax'sHeld Sacred
WeaponsSpatalos'Source Of The Pollution
EarringsHarfula's EarringsHead Frillneck
RingProtector'sSealed Secrets (PW/AA)
NecklaceRose QuartzReducing Tursin Strength
NecklaceEninte's NecklaceEninte The Banshee
ManastoneManastoneVillage Seal Found
CrystalElemental Stone of Revival (PW/AA)Rest In Peace, My Brother!
  1. Blood on the Scarecrow, Blood on the Plow
  2. Belbua's Treasure (12)


Tolbas Village

starts with Abolos

starts with Nemia (PW/AA)

  1. Odella Recipe (12)
  2. Feeding Hianu (13)

starts with Santenius

  1. Stolen Village Seal (14)
  2. Gaphyrk's Love (14)
  3. Village Seal Found (14)
  4. Lightningfoot Tuka (15) - from Abolos

Dukaki Mine

Southern Tolbas Forest

Geolus Campsite

Frillneck Woods

Zumion Ruins

Zumion Canyon

Considerate Lagos

Contaminated Swamp



started by Eninte

  1. Eninte's Request (15)
  2. Eninte (17)

Ellun River Mouth


  1. [Group] Krall Cull (17)
  2. [group] Krall Who Never Give Up (17)

Pilgrims' Respite



Ardus Shrine

Holy Ground of Miraju

starts with Elote

  1. The Wriggot Menace (18)
  2. Wriggot Resurgenace (18, Repeatable 0/100) (PW/AA)

Cantas Coast


Zephyros (PW/AA)

  1. Potcrab, the Headache (18)
  2. Potcrab Pincers (18, Repeatable 0/100)

Item Triggered

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