Latri (Aion Mob)  

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Zone(s):Related Places:Up the stairs on the right as you enter the Library.
Starts Quests:
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Latri <Secret Library Gatekeeper>
lvl 20     Pre-emptive Attack
Disciplined, Normal, Quest NPC, Female Elyos, Social, Aggressive (except vs. Elyos)
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Race: Elyos (Female)
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To find this Mob in-game, use /where Latri
A magical birdie will appear somewhere near you and will guide you to your destination.

She tells you that you must have access to enter, and that you can get access from Spatalos in Verteron. Spatalos tells you that you must complete all of his tasks before he can give you his recommendation (assuming you have not finished Sealed Secrets (PW/AA)).

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