Gaivolt (Aion Mob)  

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Zone(s):Related Places:  1661.9, 1830.7, 253.7
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Gaivolt <Information Officer>
lvl 40     
Disciplined, Normal, NPC, Human, Social, Aggressive (except vs. Asmodians)
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Gaivolt stands on the edge of the plaza before the Temple and makes public announcements.

To find this Mob in-game, use /where Gaivolt

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Listening to Gaivolt can give you hints of people and places you may want to visit with an eye to finding quests.

"I don't know whose idea it was to build a fortress in this frozen wasteland, but I'd really like to shake his hand.

Then I'd keep hold of it, turn around, flip him over my shoulder, and beat the sun-poxed stuffing out of him!

I hate the cold. Hate it!"


Here are some of the things Gaivolt has to say:

  • Leinholz the horsekeeper has gone missing. If anyone knows where Leinholz is, then please contact his fiance Irehilt.
  • Lepharist Revolutionaries have shown up at the Altgard Ice Lake. Please take extra care when you visit the lake.
  • Mosbears are running wild near the Basfelt Village. Common villagers should refrain from visiting the Basfelt Village, for now.
  • The Moslan Forest is shrouded in a thick fog. Please be aware of Karnifs if you are going to the forest.
  • Anyone who has seen Sapiens or the Lephar Revolutionaries near the fortress should report it to an Archon Sentinel at once.
  • They are looking for workers in Impetusium. Please inquire to Banatisai if you are interested.

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