Stop Hamerun (Aion Mission)  


Something strange has happened in Altgard. Kobolds and Skurvs are gone, and Odium and Odella of unidentified origin have been found; investigations indicate that there is a mastermind behind all this, seeking great wealth by seizing all of Elysea's Odium and all of Asmodae's Odella. You must now enter Haramel Dungeon to put a stop to this evil plan. Eliminate Hamerun the Bleeder and acquire Haramel's gear or Hamerun's accessories.

Mission: Kill Hamerun the Bleeder in Haramel

Level: 16

Location: Altgard or Verteron

Difficulty: 2 stars


When your Mission is complete, go to the Atreian Atlas and use the Claim button to claim your reward. Your items will be mailed to you, in-game, via Shugo Express or normal mail.

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