Steel Rake Cabin (Aion Zone)  

Steel Rake Cabin
Steel Rake Cabin
Type Instanced
Party Solo
Sphere Abyss
Level Range 40+
Cooldown 4 hours after entry
Zone Connections
Outer Dock in Sanctum or Airship Dock in Pandaemonium
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Patch 3.0 changed the Middle Deck of the Steel Rake into this Solo zone. Lower and Upper decks are still group zones.

Boarding The Steel Rake Cabin

Getting there...
Getting there...

The other Shugo will take you to Steel Rake (group zone).

Quest Series

Madame Bovariki in the Sea Song Tavern will be your sticking-place when you first get here. It is very hard to kill her at 40.

Key Keeper Progression

In order to progress through the zone you will need to kill Named Sub-Bosses to get keys to unlock the doors.

Map of Steel Rake Cabin
Map of Steel Rake Cabin
  1. Sweeper Nunukin (42 5-dot, Sailor Waiting Room) - In the sleeping quarters, he drops the key to the door to port.
  2. Kedomke the Drinker - Sailor Quarters
  3. Whistler Gududom - Mercenary Quarters
  4. Bhagwaninerk - Sailor Quarters
  5. Madame Bovariki (43 1-dot Elite, Sea Song Tavern) - She will be behind the bar or at the back of the room, and has an AE fear (very short range) and sometime after 50% she summons a black Karnif that cannot be slept, feared or rooted. Ranged attackers will not be hit by the fear, and melee classes can joust it when you see her start to cast it.
  6. Tamer Ankiki will appear (non-attackable) at the entrance to the Loot Depository. As soon as you approach him he runs away the game announces that the pirates have begun hiding the Key Boxes. You have 2.5 minutes to fight your way in and open as many Key Boxes as you can find. Solo, this is nearly impossible.
  7. Collector Memekin (42 5-dot) is in the room to the left, Discerner Werikiki (42 5-dot) will be in the room at the end of the right hall. Either one drops the key for Grogget's Safe. Both also have nice loot drops.
  8. Golden Eye Mantutu (43 2-dot Elite, Grogget's Safe) - 2 levers, food and water. If Hungry becomes the Hunger Buff he swings faster. If Thirsty becomes the Thirst Buff he cannot be harmed. Do NOT kill Tamer Ankiki (45 1-dot) before the Manduri dies or he goes berserk. Do NOT use AEs or you will kill the Tamer.

IF you got any of the Key Boxes open in the Loot Depository, the Pirate Treasure Boxes in Grogget's Safe can be opened!

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