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Return Scroll
Type Scroll
Available for Level 10 or higher

Returns you to the teleportation pad of the named zone.

Reuse Time: 15 sec

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Return scrolls are, if not the cheapest way to travel, at least the most convenient. With one of these you can jump directly from wherever you are to one of the Brigade headquarters. Be sure to keep a stock of them in your Cube!

These are limited to one race. Elyos cannot use Asmodian Return Scrolls, and vice versa.

NOTE: Return Scrolls, and the Return (PW) skill, cannot be used on the dock arms of the Outer Docks in Sanctum. Just move closer to the tavern and you can use it there. We presume the same is true of certain other places. Just move to more "solid" land.

The Return Scroll for a specific zone can be purchased from the General Goods Merchant in that zone. Also, the General Goods Merchants in Sanctum and Pandaemonium sell all four available to that one race.

Asmodian onlyElyos onlyCost†
Pandaemonium ScrollSanctum Scroll1,796 Kinah
Altgard Fortress ScrollVerteron Citadel Scroll1,796 Kinah
Morheim Fortress ScrollEltnen Fortress Scroll2,994 Kinah
Beluslan Fortress ScrollNew Heiron Gate Scroll5,390 Kinah
† The costs listed are approximate and vary considerably due to Influence. They appear to be more or less the same as the cost of using a Teleporter. Some routes will be cheaper by scroll, some by teleporter, and some the same either way.

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