Cube (Aion)  

Your Cube is an interdimensional storage device which stores all of your belongings. A Cube Artisan can expand your Cube, for a price. Your default Cube is 3 rows of 9 slots. Each level that you expand your Cube adds another row of 9 slots. You are also allowed 1 "overflow" slot.

You can find a Cube Artisan at Akarios Village in Poeta, and at Aldelle Village in Ishalgen, but they can only raise your cube to Level 1. Cube Artisans are available at Hall of Prosperity in Sanctum, and the Temple of Gold in Pandaemonium that can expand your Cube to Level 4. For Level 5 you need to talk to Jarumonerk on Tigraki Island. Additional Cube rows beyond Level 5 can only be added by quests or Veteran Rewards. You can have a maximum of 4 Cubes: Your Default Cube plus three Expanded Cubes.

After playing Aion for 30 days, you will receive a Veteran Reward, [Event] Expand Cube Ticket (PW/AA). You may claim one ticket per character, on each character on the account. The tickets may not be sold, traded, etc., and even if you could, each character may only use a ticket to expand their cube once, adding 9 slots. This does not change the level of your cube, so does not raise the price of your next upgrade.

At level 30 you may find a quest in your home city (A Lucky Day in Sanctum, or ??? in Pandaemonium) that will reward you with an additional row (+9 slots). This does not change the level of your cube, so does not raise the price of your next upgrade.

Trivia In D&D there was a similar device, called a Bag of Holding. It was a trans-dimensional space, 10'x10'x10', accessed via an enchanted bag. Basically, the owner could just reach in while thinking of what they wanted and it would be there.

1+91,000 Kinah
2+912,100 Kinah
3+960,500 Kinah
4+9181,000 Kinah
5+9366,630 Kinah
6+9Cannot be bought
7+9Cannot be bought
8+9Cannot be bought
9+9Cannot be bought
† The quest, Ancient Cube, from Baevrunerk, rewards 680 Kinah but does not actually reduce the cost of level 1.

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