Never to Rise Again (Aion Quest)  

Morheim Quest Series
Asmodian Only
Asmodian Key Quest
Can be shared.
Can be abandoned.
Start Zone: Morheim
Start Place: Chaikata's Hideout
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Talk with Kuriuta in Morheim at Chaikata's Hideout after completing Quieting the Karnifs.
Level 39 [Group] Never to Rise Again
  1. Kill the Mist Mane shamans.
    • Mist Mane Healers (0/9)
    • Mist Mane Warriors (0/9)
    • Mist Mane Spellshifters (0/9)
    • Mist Mane Guards (0/9)
  2. Talk with Kuriuta
 Optional Reward (Select One)
  • A Level 40 class-specific Skill Manual (see below).
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Quest Notes

The reward for this quest is a Level 40 class-specific Skill Manual:

  • Gladiator - skill name needed
  • Templar - Divine Grasp I (PW)
  • Cleric - skill name needed
  • Chanter - skill name needed
  • Ranger - skill name needed
  • Assassin - skill name needed
  • Sorcerer - Shadowburst I (PW)
  • Spiritmaster - skill name needed

Quieting the Karnifs Morheim
Quest Series
Chaikata's Hideout
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