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Legions in Aion are what most games call "Guilds".

Starting a Legion

It only takes one person to start a Legion, and you can remain a Legion of one, if you wish. Go to the Legion Administration Office in your home city, pay the registration fee of 12,000 Kinah , and you have yourself a Legion. A new Legion starts at level 1 with a max membership of 30 characters and a max Legion Warehouse space of 18 item slots.

Now, when you press "G" (for Guild, of course) it will open up the Legion window.

Wikihelp If you would like your new Legion listed here on ZAM, just add the PlayerTag to your User: page (see PlayerTag for instructions), then follow the "redlink" from your new tag to your Legion page and put {{Aion|Legion}} on it. That's all it takes!

Inviting Others

To invite someone to your Legion window and select Invite to Legion from the Legion Menu. Type in the name of the character you want to invite and, assuming they are online and they accept the invite, you now have a new Legion member!

Upgrading a Legion

Legions level up just as characters do, but not in the same way. Legion levels are purchased. I suppose you could say that the ability to pay the fee to upgrade is proof of your legions prosperity.

Legion Levels
112,000 Kinah 3018New Legion
2120,000 Kinah 6027
31,200,000 Kinah 12036Design a Legion Badge

Server Rankings

Disbanding a Legion

This can only be done by the Guild Leader, and only at the Legion Administration Office. After the Guild Leader has pressed the 'Disband Legion' button, it will take a whole day (24 Hours) to really disband the guild. While in the '24 Hours 'till Disbanding', we can choose the Recreate Legion to cancel the process, this again can only be done at the Legion Administration Office.

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