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Due to the size of these tables we have separated them into two pages, by race.

AerialistFlight Speed +1%, Flight Time +2 You passed the high-level flight skill testPractical Aerobatics
Alchemy ExpertMP +36, Magical Accuracy +2, Magical Res +3 You reached the highest level in Alchemy (PW) Alchemy Expert
Animal LoverMP +20 You avenged Tutty on behalf of Pernos Avenging Tutty
Veritas Agent[1]Accuracy +8, Evasion +3, Atk Speed +2% You destroyed the fake stigma storage Going Out of Business
Traitor's Bane[2]Physical Crit +6, Max HP +36, Parry +8You destroyed Betrayer Icaronix in AzoturanFragment of Memory 3
Battle-HardenedBlock +10 You defeated an experienced Asmodian warrior in the Abyss Defeat a Rank 1 Asmodian Army Soldier
Big Damn Hero[3] Block +7 You rescued Belbua from Lepharist Revolutionaries Start Spreading the News
Bottled LightningSpeed +3% You defeated Ligntningfoot Tuka, the bane of Tolbas Village Lightningfoot Tuka
Chief InvestigatorPhysical Atk +1, Speed +3%, Magic Boost +8 You revealed the conspiracy of the Lepharist Secret Research Center Synthetic Creature
Cooking ExpertPhysical Atk +1, Magic Boost +8 You reached the highest level in Cooking (PW) Cooking Expert
Indratu Bane[4]Physical Crit Hit +4, Magic Boost +11, Flight Time +2 You defeated Brigade General Indratu kill Brigade General Indratu (PW/AA)
Demolitions ExpertMagic Boost +10, Physical Atk +1 You used explosives to destroy the Artifact at the Lepharist Construction Base A Dangerous Artifact
Eltnen's HeroPhysical Def +5, Magic Res +3 You completed all the campaign quests in Eltnen all Eltnen Campaign quests: Balaur Conspiracy
EulogistPhysical Crit Hit +3, Physical Atk +1, Parry +8 You went to Asmodae and held a memorial for Deltras who died unjustly Respect for Deltras
Spymaster[5] MP +42You successfully infiltrated Asmodae Quest Complete
Master Angler[6]Accuracy +7 You defeated the Siren living in the deep sea Seiren's Fin
Expert ArmorsmithMagic Boost +8 You reached the highest level in Armorsmithing (PW)Expert Armorsmith
Expert WeaponsmithMagic Boost +11, Magical Accuracy +3, Fire Def +4 You reached the highest level in Weaponsmithing (PW) Expert Weaponsmith
Balaur Whisperer[7]Magical Accuracy +3, MP +46, Magic Res +3 You speak the Balaur language fluently Learning Balaur Language
Krall Whisperer[8]Magic Boost +5 You speak the Krallic language fluently Language Potion
Battering Ram[9]Flight Speed +3% You defeated the Gatekeeper of the Ereshuranta Upper Layer Fortress
Giant Weapon ResearcherYou learned the research result of TheoboosMagic Boost +15, Max HP -45, Physical Attack +3Theobomos' Secret Research
GullibleFlight Speed +2%, Evasion +4, Water Def +4 You exchanged something valuable for a lemon Usefullness of Barter
Handicrafting ExpertFlight Time +2 You reached the highest level in Handicrafting
HeroicPhysical Crit Hit +4, Physical Atk +1, Atk Speed +1% You defeated Asmodians in the Abyss and enhanced the reputation of the Elyos
Honorary Black CloudSpeed +5% You consolidated the place of the Black Cloud Traders in Ereshuranta
Dogirunerk's Avenger[10]MP +36, Magical Accuracy +2, Magic Res +4 You solved the problem of the Meniherk Excavation Union Eliminating a Suspect
InvincibleEvasion +4 You defeated a veteran Asmodian warrior in the Abyss
Klaw HunterMagical Accuracy +2, Magic Boost +9 You removed the Klaw Spawner The Klaw's Secret
Kobald ChefHP +57, MP +57 You can cook Kobold-style food A Secret Recipe
Krall HunterPhysical Crit Hit +2, Flight Time +1 You defeated many Krall
Krall SlaughtererHP +44, MP +44, Flight Time +2 You annihilated Krall in Eltnen
Bounty Hunter[11]Magic Boost +8, Flight Speed +2%, Flight Time +2 You arrested the wanted Kelaino
Bloodsworn[12]HP +36, Physical Def +4, Block +8 You took revenge on Kromede on behalf of Hagne Hannet's Vengeance
Mabangtah's Envoy Physical Def +4, Block +8You delivered Mabangtah's Letter to the Brigade General of Eltnen Kaidan Prisoner
Obstinate HerdsmanHP +48, MP +48 You Stopped the massive conspiracy of Lepharist Revolutionaries
Dragon Sword Master[13] To Master the Dragon
PatientEvasion +3 You completed an errand that was quite annoying and took a long time Prorite's Money
Poeta's ProtectorHP +20, Physical Def +2 You completed all the campaign quests in Poeta all Poeta Campaign quests
Not-Quite-Master of Disguise[14]MP +32, Magic Res +2 You failed to persuade Rasberg because of your poor disguise Dressing Up For Bollvig
Arbolu's Annointed[15]Speed +3%, Physical Crit Hit +3, Magic Boost +8 You were blessed by the Divine Tree Arbolu Power of the Elim
Isson's Apologist[16]Physical Crit Hit +3, Physical Def+4 You laid flowers on the grave of Isson, a troubled Lepharist who killed himself Flowers for Isson
Savior of Eiron ForestHP +36, MP +36, Speed +5%You defeated the Three Kures Brothers who destroy thickets and trees in the Eiron Desert Three Kurin Brothers
Sewing ExpertHP +52, Flight Time +3, Flight Speed +3%, Speed +6% You reached the highest level in Sewing (PW)
Straw for BrainsParry +5 You helped Scarecrow Nola, who was in trouble Nola's Request
ToughPhysical Crit Hit +4, Magic Boost +11, Fire Def +4 You defeated a novice Asmodian warrior in the AbyssDefeat 9th Rank Asmodian Soldiers
Tree-HuggerAccuracy +4 You helped an Elim who was in trouble Request of the Elim
Vereton's WarriorHP +30, Magic Boost +6 You completed all the campaign quests in Verteron all Verteron Campaign quests
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With the 1.9 patch the names of many titles were changed to make them read better with player's names.

  1. ^ formerly Anti-Counterfeiter
  2. ^ formerly Azoturan Destroyer
  3. ^ formerly Belbua's Benefactor
  4. ^ formerly Defeater of the Indratu Legion
  5. ^ formerly Excellent Spy
  6. ^ formerly Experienced Fisher
  7. ^ formerly Fluent in Balaur
  8. ^ formerly Fluent in Krall
  9. ^ formerly Gatekeeper Hunter
  10. ^ formerly Honorary Meniherk Union Member
  11. ^ formerly Lonely Bounty Hunter
  12. ^ formerly Love Cynic
  13. ^ formerly Owner of the Dragon Sword
  14. ^ formerly Poor Camouflage Master
  15. ^ formerly Recognized by Arbolu
  16. ^ formerly Respects the Fallen

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