Basfelt Hunting Ground (Aion Place)  

Basfelt Hunting Ground
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ResourcesAzpha, Iron, Kandula, Rose Quartz, Silver, Tecoma Log, Tikel
ConnectionsMoslan Forest, Mosbear Habitat, Idun's Lake, Altar of Tiamat, Gunmarson's Campsite
Flight?Gliding only.
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To find this Place in-game, use /where Basfelt Hunting Ground


There is a hella cool camping spot on the north side of Altar of Tiamat. It has Ruthless Mosbears (15 aggro) on the north end of the ledge and Swamp Pluma (14 non-aggro) on the south. On this ledge is also one node each of Azpha (1p), Iron (15p), Silver (35p), and Rose Quartz (40p). You could spend hours here sitting with the birds. Kill a couple (2k XP ea.), harvest silver and Rose Quartz, sit, kill a few more, rinse, repeat. In this spot you can grind XP for levels 13-15 and grind harvesting from 1p to 80p. The only thing that would be more awesome is if there was a low-flying Vortex you could reach from the ground. :)

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