Melded Materia in Danger (03/07/2012)

A known error could erase melded materia as Patch 1.21 is implemented Thursday.

Everyone, protect your materia!

Although the official announcement of the long-awaited Patch 1.21 being installed Thursday is good news, Square Enix is warning players of a known issue that could cause melded materia to be erased. Melded materia means materia that has already been attached to a piece of equipment. Unattached materia will be unaffected by this issue.

Players with melded materia can protect themselves from this issue by either:

  • Equipping items with melded materia, or
  • Storing equipment with melded materia on a retainer

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View the Lodestone post.

Players who notice melded materia missing after the update can contact a GM, and the GM will investigate the matter and provide maximum support to restore the materia, according to the Lodestone Web site. The FFXIV development team says the melded materia issue will not be a problem in future updates.

Comprehensive notes about Patch 1.21 will be posted on the Lodestone's Final Fantasy XIV forums Thursday. The servers are scheduled to be down for maintenance from 1 to 5 p.m. PST, although that schedule could change.


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