Producer's Letter April 2024

Darkpaw Games has posted a new Producer Letter. Some of the news on this letter contains the rulesets on the new TLP's that are ready to release May 22nd, 2024.

Check out the post here.

Site Update #4

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Everquest Swag

Darkpaw Games has added some cool new swag items for Everquest if you haven't heard. Check out the new items on their swag store.

Daybreak Launches Content Creator Program

Those of you content creators on social media sites, Daybreak has launched their content creator program!


You can see information regarding this new program here.

25th Anniversary is here!

Check out our Anniversary Page to see what all is active right now.


Check out Darkpaw's information on the 25th Anniversary.

With the anniversary events, we'll get the following if you log in from now until April 20th, 2024 at 11PM PDT.

  • 50% experience bonus
  • Royal Silver Crown Ornament (one per character)
  • Darkpaw Torch Ornament (one per character) - All Access Members only
  • Level 100 Heroic Character (one per account) - All Access Members only
  • Goblet of Adventure II (one per account) - All Access Members only

Also check out the Daybreak Marketplace, all of the past Heritage Crates will be on sale until April 1st, 2024.

AMA Responses

Check out Darkpaw's Everquest team responses to all of your AMA questions here.

Game Update 3-13-2024

The March update hits tomorrow folks. You can see a preview of what will be patched in by looking at the official test update notes.





  • Starting March 16th, seek out Alta the Frightened in Crescent Reach to start the 25th Anniversary quests!


  • The names, icons, and lore text have been swapped for the Guardian's Girdle and Assaulter's Belt.
  • Type 7 augments available from Miacallie Herlsas in Tides of Time have had stat adjustments where applicable.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Selyrah mounts to disappear and their buffs to misbehave.

Quests & Events

  • Reduced the price of mounts on the anniversary merchant.


  • Cleric - Increased the damage of ranks 2 and 3 of Unrelenting Hammer of Zeal.
  • Enchanter - Increased the HP and damage of ranks 2 and 3 of Flariton's Animation.
  • Shaman - Increased the HP and damage of all ranks of Suja's Faithful.
  • Shadowknight - Increased the HP and damage of all ranks of Minion of Fandrel.
  • Wizard - Increased the damage of ranks 2 and 3 of Kindleheart's Pyroblade.
  • Wizard - Irae Faycite Shard: Glacial Ice Cascade will now also focus Wildice Cascade XI rather than Rimeclaw Torrent.
  • Monk - Moved all abilities in the Clawstriker's Flurry line of abilities from timer 9 to timer 12.


  • Fixed a bug where mercenaries suspended after a persona swap would unsuspend after zoning without the mercenary window reflecting the unsuspension.

Progression Servers

  • Modest Illdaera, Elegant Oseka, Stately Ladrys, and Ostentatious Ryken armor are now marked as quest items.


  • Doubled the maximum number of allowed players per pickzone for Laurion Inn.
  • Increased the Dragon's Hoard cap to 500.
  • Optimized the processing performance of the client log file to reduce hitching and stuttering.
  • The per-kill Alternate Advancement experience cap is now applied before most server and character-based experience modifiers to be more consistent with leveling experience.
  • Corrected an issue that caused a player's level and class to not get updated in the Guild Window after leaving a monster mission.
  • Made several changes to improve client and zone performance.
  • Refined the tuning of Memory.ini for smoother framerate: Balanced and Most memory modes have pre-loaded textures. Least memory mode has always had deferred texture loading.
  • You will no longer be able to bind in Nagafen's Lair, Permafrost Keep, Kedge Keep, Plane of Sky, and Plane of Fear.

The EverQuest Team

Site Update #3

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Fippy Fest 2024

Darkpaw Games finally has released information on the upcoming event Fippy Fest 2024.

There are several ticket editions you can order and can even purchase an in person ticket for a much higher price of course.

Plenty of prizes to be had by purchasing a ticket, check out the official Fippy Fest 2024 site for all of the details on the event.

Game Update 2-21-2024

Game update coming tomorrow morning. To see a preview of what's coming, check out the test patch notes.





  • Loading an equipment set now properly removes the appearance of an ornament from other items.
  • Corrected an issue where identical augments would not load properly in an equipment set.
  • The Northern Desert Outlook Device should now fit into the Teleportation Key Ring.
  • Forsaken Weapon Ornaments no longer have a Free Storage tag.
  • Charms available from Laurion's Song that are associated with Hunter achievements should now be calculating stats more accurately.
  • The various Charms of Distant Echoes have had their type 9 augment slots replaced with a type 25 slot. Additionally, the various type 9 Shards of Distant Echoes augments have been changed into type 25 augments.
  • Serene Pluot Fruit Splash and Serene Succulent Mango Iced Tea are no longer flagged as tradeskill items.


  • A new recipe for Myrmidon's Sloth XIX using Laurion's Song items has been added.

Quests & Events

  • Fixed spelling errors in the Final Fugue mission.
  • Reduced the damage done by non-raid NPCs in the Return of Kanghammer instance.
  • Year of Darkpaw Heroic Adventures will no longer consume the repaired keys on entry to the tower rooms.
  • Year of Darkpaw Heroic Adventures now have the standard 6-hour lock-out timer.
  • Coin is no longer temporarily granted in monster missions.
  • The Tides of Time anniversary tower can now be located using the Zone Guide and Find Window.
  • Changed the final three raids in Laurions Song to use the old reward system. Note: This system is less reliable at delivering rewards if you are zoning at the time the event ends.


  • Fixed an issue that caused hidden players to remain visible after casting an invisibility spell.
  • Unhiding no longer removes invisibility buffs.
  • Fixed a bug where changing personas or shrouding did not correctly apply a previous illusion.
  • Renamed all spells with both a Roman Numeral ordinal and a letter-designated rank (Azia, Beza, or Caza) to have a consistent order. They should all be in the form of "Spellname IX Caza" now.
  • Added zone-based monsters to the Magician monster summoning spells for Veil of Alaris to Laurion's Song zones.
  • Beastlord, Magician, and Necromancer focusable pets from level 116-120 have been rebalanced. Base pets and focused pets below Enhanced Minion XXVII will be stronger than they were, but focused pets of Enhanced Minion XXVIII or higher will be weaker.
  • Shaman - The Spiritual Surge line of spells can no longer be twincast.
  • Cleric - Corrected the Resist Poison and Resist Disease values for Hammer of the Remembered.
  • Cleric - Corrected an issue where several spells in the Rallied Rampart of Vie line were casting the wrong version of Light of Vie on fade.
  • Rogue - Corrected a pronoun issue in the spell landed message for the Toxic Blade line of abilities.
  • Bard - Fixed an issue where many songs in the Veshma's Crescendo line were not as powerful as intended.
  • Berserker - Fixed descriptions for the Rage Strike ability line.
  • Shadowknight - Fixed some descriptions in the Touch/Gift line.
  • Shadowknight - Fixed a few spelling issues with the description of the Unholy Guardian Spell line.
  • Beastlord - Reduced the power of pets summoned by the Howling at the Moon line and increased the chance for two pets to be summoned.
  • Necromancer - Reduced the power of the pets summoned by the Call Skeleton Swarm line to bring them back in line with Magician pets. Renamed the spells in the line to reflect that only one skeleton is summoned.


  • AAs granted via rewards should now correctly apply to all personas. This includes Banestrike, Essence of the Dragon, Hero's Barracks, Hero's Fortitude, Hero's Resolution, Hero's Vitality, and Trophy Collector.
  • Paladin - Updated the Focus AA, Extended Preservation of Marr, reducing the current max rank to 19 and the bonus it provides the Preservation of Tunare spell line to 96 seconds additional duration and 62 additional charges at rank 19.
  • Paladin - Added a new Focus AA, Extended Rejuvenating Steel, that increases the duration and available charges of the Rejuvenating Steel spell line by 36 seconds and 12 charges at max rank.
  • Paladin/Shadowknight - Updated the Focus AA, Extended Steely Stance, so that ranks 6-7 are now free but no longer increase duration beyond the 25 ticks added via rank 5.
  • Berserker/Warrior - Updated the Archetype AA, Battle Leap, to provide its base melee damage bonus as an always-active passive effect starting at rank 8.
  • Additionally, added a damage component to all ranks of the activated leap that hits for up to 95k at max rank. A new rank has also been added for Laurion's Song, available at level 125, and an issue with the Auto Grant expansion check for ranks 4 through 7 has been fixed.
  • Berserker - Updated the Focus AA, Hastened Mangling Discipline, to provide up to 10 minutes of reuse reduction at max rank to all ranks of Mangling Discipline.
  • Necromancer - Updated the Class AA, Hand of Death, so that rank 11 is an upgrade over previous ranks.
  • Necromancer - Updated the Class AA, Blood Magic, so that the duration of the rank 15 and 16 spells match rank 14 (36 seconds) and updated the cast time of the rank 16 spell to be 2.5 seconds.
  • Necromancer - Updated the Archetype AA, Critical Affliction, so that ranks 18-20 are upgrades over previous ranks.
  • Enchanter/Magician/Wizard - Updated the Archetype AA, Arcane Whisper, to actually reduce hate. Additionally, all ranks have been rebalanced, culminating in -420k flat hate and -10% current hate at max rank, which is now rank 21 instead of rank 18.
  • Shaman - Updated the Archetype AA, Malaise/Wind of Malaise, so that Rank 38 of Malaise and 15 of Wind of Malaise now require level 122 to purchase, the same level required to learn Malosinera.
  • Shaman - Updated the Class AA, Union of Spirits, so that ranks 22-33 provide stat buffs equivalent to ranks of Ancestral Aid available at the same levels (100-115).
  • Bard - Updated the Class AA, Rallying Call/Solo, so that the endurance regen (which is intentionally much lower than the mana regen) is listed as a separate value in the AA and spell description. Also slightly increased endurance regen at ranks 8-11, to 2100 at max rank.


  • Pets will now attempt to equip items given to them into the left and right version of their ear, finger, and wrist slots.
  • Fixed an issue with erroneous spells being cast from blight speakers in Bloodmoon Keep.


  • Zones will no longer auto-suspend mercenaries due to being over capacity.
  • Corrected an issue that caused a mercenary's buffs to expire when their level changed.
  • Mercenary slots from the Hero's Barracks AA should now properly update when changing personas.
  • Fixed an issue where mercenaries would die when zoning from floating zones after entering the new zone.
  • Unsuspending a mercenary with a higher-level persona than they were suspended at sets their health to the maximum level.

Progression Servers

  • Vaniki: The achievement for defeating Sendaii, the Hive Queen now has a one-level grace.
  • Removed the loot lockout enforcement on the Hive Guardians in Arthicrex.


  • Corpses are tired of standing around.
  • Corrected an issue that caused upgrading a Heroic character to fail after recently deleting one.
  • Fixed issue where the Map window would be blank after swapping personas.
  • Players will now have full health after swapping personas.
  • Made it so all max-level personas on an account count towards the legacy XP bonus and fixed a bug where camping with a non-max-level persona would cause a max-level character to not count.
  • Corrected an issue where secondary weapons could proc for characters without dual-wield skill.
  • Added a single slot Hero's Forge keyring slot option in the marketplace.
  • Tuned Memory.ini settings to improve graphics memory usage and performance. Improved deferred loading of textures and animations.
  • DirectX 11 Changes:
    • Additional fixes for kaleidoscope-like rendering artifacts.
    • Fixed Windows 10/11 display flickering caused by FLIP mode.


  • Fixed an issue where new UI engine windows sometimes didn't load their default position.
  • Added Center Vertically and Center Horizontally options to the window arrange menu.
  • Fixed an issue that caused new UI engine windows to not scale properly between play sessions.
  • New chat filters related to critical hits should now properly save.
  • Moved many combat related chat filters to the Combat tab by default. Note that this will only affect a new UI.
  • Fixed an issue where direct damage of players hitting themselves would incorrectly go to the Direct Damage (Yours) filter.
  • Added a warning to the surname change confirmation dialog to inform the player that if their existing surname was granted by a GM they will not be able to switch back.
  • When a player is invited to a group and then swaps personas the Follow button in the Group window will now remain enabled.
  • Updated experienced-based chat messages to use the Experience chat filter.
  • Removed Heroic Character options when creating a new Persona. Personas can still be upgraded using the options in the Inventory window.
  • Fixed character creation after canceling creating a new persona.
  • Added HTML attributes to new UI engine windows so they can easily be centered in any screen resolution.
  • Fixed tooltips not working on disabled buttons in new UI engine windows.
  • Removed flashing and hitching during ALT-ENTER and ALT-TAB full screen transitions.


  • CastingWindow.html
  • SelectorWindow.html
  • EQUI_DragItems.xml

Previously Updated

  • DirectX 11 Changes:
    • Fixed 2.0 Pixel Shader usage.
    • Applied a speculative fix for some kaleidoscope-like rendering artifacts.

The EverQuest Team