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Thayos arrived in the Federation of Windurst in fall 2004 earth time. He dreamed of being a Paladin, but fate had another plan. Poisoned by a crawler, the young warrior switched to the job of red mage to be more self reliant. Thay never strayed from the red mage path. One night in Valkurm Dunes, the young mage fell in with a revered group, The Wolf Brigade. Here Thayos learned the ways of the world around him. Later, he and his friends journeyed on to start a new group, Imperial. In the months that followed, "Thay" climbed as high as a red mage could go. After training in the ways of the black mage, Thayos picked up a harp and a flute to learn the music of the bard. All the while, Thayos is slowly proving himself as a paladin, the job he had once dreamed of. Thayos continues to learn, with the goal of someday mastering his crafts.

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